Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday Night Viewing: Spider-Man: Homecoming

I find myself missing Andrew Garfield in the role.  It's weird, but I do.  I mean, I'm glad for this latest one finally bringing our Friendly Neighborhood Webslinger back into the MCU, it's just that Tom Holland isn't doing much for me.  Maybe when Infinity Wars rolls around, I'll think differently.  The Hubs thinks this latest incarnation is the stupidest one yet, and thinks the Captain America PSAs were far more entertaining than all of the Spider-Man scenes combined.  Ouch.

The one thing we both agree on is that Michael Keaton, aka Beetlejuice, aka MY Batman, aka Birdman, and now Adrian Toomes/The Vulture was the best character in the movie.  I wanted more of him.  In fact everytime Tony Stark appeared, I thought vehemently No, bring back Michael Keaton!  Seriously, more Michael Keaton.

I'm pretty sure that this is my last Spider-Man movie, like, ever.  I'm so fatigued by this character and every new incarnation, every new face.  I'm done.  I'm still going to watch the movies that feature him, but I'm so done with his solo movies.  Although...if they brought Miles Morales to the big screen...

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