Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Fayre!

Happy December 1st!  I hope everyone's had a restful Thanksgiving holiday with minimal drama.  It's gotten frosty here in Suffolk, prompting me to dig out my heavy coat from the depths of the downstairs storage.  I did a bunch of online shopping prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most of which were for feminine products - I'm good for the next four months - and the rest is clothing from shops with U.S. sizing.  Two weeks ago, I had popped into a store that I usually shop at back home and to my dismay I found that I can't fit a UK 12 in blouses.  What the fizzity uck?  So I went online, found that the U.S. site does ship APO addresses, and knocked myself out.  At least the leggings are true to size here.

The Hubs and I just found out that the Bury St. Edmunds Christmas Fayre  is the best thing ever!  For three nights, we went out and stuffed ourselves on beer, brandy-laced hot chocolate, freshly made donuts and sausage with onions, mini-pancakes with whatever sweet syrup you want, a ton of artery-cloggin' goodness!  We also bought crafty Christmas gifts for our families back home.

For the Christmas Fayre, the Abbey Gardens and a good portion of downtown area is closed off and filled with stalls and fun things for the kids.

Not the first time both me and The Hubs wished his younger brother and sister had been there with us.

Parents with the little ones at Santa' office?  

A few places in town that we hadn't set foot in prior to the Fayre were open to the public and filled with stalls.  The Athenaeum is a beautiful venue for wedding receptions and other fancy events, and the muted green and pink interiors remind me of a fancy cake dressed in fondant.  

One of my favorite stalls was Sox In a Box.  Best presentation ever!

Mmmm, socks...

I realize now that I should have taken better pictures of all the stuff going on outside.  On the 2nd night, the crowd was much larger, as we had a hard time walking around.  It was still loads of fun.

"Why does a band need TWO saxophones?" The Hubs wondered irritably.  Party pooper.  If there's anything he dislikes more than cowbells, it's the saxophone.  
THEY looked like they were having fun onstage though.

There was no shortage of Christmas shops and pretty things for all your gift-giving needs!
Floofy tulle skirts!  I'd look ridiculous in them.

I should have bought one!!!  Why didn't I buy one?!  *shakes fists in the air*

Now what's Christmas without a Dalek?

 Don't blink, babe.

Okay, enough of that.  Onto the good stuff.
Oh yeah...

I kept reading this as 'Doh!Nuts'.

No matter how much I ate or how stuffed I felt, I smell onions and sausage, and I'll come running.

We had passed one food stall that advertised Mexican chili, and The Hubs had to have some.  
There was something strongly...Ragu-ish about that chili.  Not that it was bad, it was delicious and hearty, I just wouldn't call it Mexican chili, is all I'm sayin'.

An honest to goodness French soap stall.  Even The Hubs was enthralled by the array of colors and scents!  I purchased a few bars and the fragrance is potent.  I put them into a Ziplock back and it still comes through.

On the 3rd night, we pretty much had our fill of the festivities.  We went out and had stall food for dinner, then went home.  It was packed out there and the crowd grated on our nerves.  But it was loads of fun.  Hopefully next year, we'll have family to go out with.

Let me off.  *urp*

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