Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Quick Trippin' in Dover! Pt. 2

Second day in Dover, and woke up to a wonderfully overcast morning!  The Hubs woke up early to work on his story, and I went out on my own to take in the moody weather.

Okay, I'm over it!  The good news was that the haze burnt out by the time The Hubs finished writing his article.  As soon as he was done, we checked out and set off to checked out Dover Castle.

Visiting Dover Castle is free if you're an English Heritage member.  For us, it was a toss up between English Heritage and The National Trust.  The Hubs thinks English Heritage has a lot more cool castles and ruins, perfect for writing about weekend trips.  I made him promise that we would try The National Trust next year.

Known as the ‘key to England’, the great fortress of Dover Castle has played a crucial role in the defence of the realm for over nine centuries, a span equaled only by the Tower of London and Windsor Castle.  - English Heritage

The view from the castle.  See, the sky's clearing up!

I would have to say that my favorite part of Dover Castle is touring the Secret Wartime Tunnels, and hearing about the evacuation of Dunkirk, or Operation Dynamo.  Photography and video recording isn't allowed during the tour, so The Hubs took notes on his phone while I gently steered him along with our group.  Film reels and recreated events are projected along the tunnel walls where people had actually worked night and day in order to evacuate surviving Allied forces from Dunkirk.  

A good gift shop is always a highlight. 
Check out the jams made from actual recipes from that time.  Remember, people had to make do with rationing and a lot of the time produce was short.  The mock orange marmalade is actually made with carrots, I believe, with lemon or orange oil for flavoring.  It tasted like the real thing.
The Hubs bought me a book!  Ugh, I love it!
After a nice lunch at the cafe, we moved on to the castle keep.  This is the part of the visit that I liked the least because all of a sudden that part of the castle was swarming with both French and German high school students.  I did my best to weather the onslaught.

I found sanctuary in the castle's tiny chapel.  There was narration playing within this space, but it was hushed, fervent, and almost creepy if you let it get to you.  I did record video of me listening to the narration, but alas, it's too big to upload!

Sunlight and stained glass against the stones.  I could look at it all day.
I would come back again to Dover Castle in a heartbeat.  Anyways, we would have to. we didn't get to see the White Cliffs that day because we had a long drive ahead of us and Jet was waiting for us at home.  It  would make a great day trip if you didn't have to use Dartford Crossing, which is heinously known for its traffic and toll charge.  No tollbooths!  They use cameras instead!  The Hubs paid online as soon as we got home, and we still ended up getting a bill in the mail.  Toss.

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