Friday, October 7, 2016

Quick Trippin' In Dover! Pt. 1

Woot!  Here I am!  Remember that other thing I mentioned awhile back, that personal project I've been working on?  Still working on it, and it's still kicking my keester.  But it's steadily getting easier to manage, along with everything else I have to maintain.  I'm still not ready to reveal what it is I've been doing, not yet.

Anywhoo, I got to tag along with The Hubs on a work trip to Dover!  While the poor guy had to be out on a boat in the English Channel at 12 am and spend the next fourteen hours suffering being seasick, I got to hang out at our hotel on the waterfront, reading my library books and taking in the views.
I had wanted to sneak our lil' Jet Black with us, but The Hubs had to be all adult and make me leave him at home.

It was a breezy and bright Monday morning.
I had hoped to collect some beach sand to use for my homemade incense stick holders, until The Hubs informed me that the beach was made up of pebbles, not sand.
Didn't stop me from taking some.  Whatever works.

I strolled around the town center, then visited the Dover Museum.  It's pretty small, but I found myself loving it.  I took a special interest in the WWII section. 

Those chalk cliffs held up remarkably well against Hitler's Luftwaffe, cross-channel gunnery, and him just being a big ole' jerk.

I got back to the hotel at 3pm and had a nice hour to myself before The Hubs returned from his fantastic voyage to sea.  He'd been following Simon, an American Airman, on his swim across the English Channel.  From Dover to Calais, 11 hours!  Awesome.

The three of us (the other people who had made up Simon's team all bailed on him!) went out to a local pub called The White Horse, where all the swimmers who have successfully swam the channel go for celebratory drinks.  They also get to mark their names and swim time on the walls.

Inception much?
I spotted a few swimmers who hail from San Francisco's Dolphin Club.  Represent!
Simon bought a round of drinks for the handful of people in the pub (it was still early), including the bar owners.  There were a few older patrons there who turned out to be the nicest, chattiest people ever.  They were very surprised that Simon still had the energy to come out for a drink one the same day, after spending 11 grueling hours fighting against the current in frigid waters.  Both he and The Hubs were doing a good job of staying awake, but they were ever so slowly starting to hunch over their drinks and slide backwards on their stools.  After a few more minutes, we called it a night and headed back to the hotel.  The Hubs was conked out for the rest of the evening, poor guy.

Stay tuned for Pt. 2, where we see an awesome castle and learn some history!  

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