Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekend Scramble: Natural Born Shut-Ins

The Hubs suggested yesterday that we take a nice trip to nearby Cambridge, but for the first time in a while, I declined the chance to actually go anywhere this weekend.  The last couple of weekends we've taken day trips, either to places like Wrest Park in Bedfordshire or London.  One of the best things I enjoy about living here is that there's always something to see or do, but I think the last two days have been the laziest days for us so far.   

With the exception of Market Day yesterday, The Hubs and I haven't really ventured outdoors.  I've been indulging in marathon viewings of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Pokemon XY&Z online, and in between reading Vere Hodgson's Few Eggs and No Oranges, one thick mothertrucker of a book at 600 pages but really immersive.
Meanwhile, The Hubs has been jumping between computer games on Steam to Dark Souls III on the PS4, which he already beat but he wants to get the different endings.  I can relate, having been obsessed with Silent Hill 2 back in early 2000, but aside from wanting to get all four endings, I also wanted to see if I can get by using only one my firearms or one of my melee weapons.  Good times.  I don't recommend the chainsaw.

Maybe next weekend I can talk The Hubs into us actually make good use of our new English Heritage memberships to visit some sites.  As I mentioned earlier, we did go out to Wrest Park a few weeks ago and I'd like to post some of my pics.  It was our first time at an honest-to-goodness English country estate, and it was very impressive, definitely worth visiting again.  Here's a teaser:

Wish we had cable.  It would have been nice to watch the live opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics.  I wonder if NBC screwed viewers over again, like they did at the 2012 London Games opening ceremony (still my favorite!) with all the pesky commercials cutting into the live broadcast and the mediocre commentary.  I'm looking at you, Matt Lauer.

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