Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Leftovers: London Film and Comic Con 2016

Last Saturday we attended the London Film and Comic Con.

Huge venue. HUGE. Don't get me started on the second floor, where all the celebrities were signing autographs and taking photos. For me though, the photo-ops are always gonna be on the floor.  

This infamous eyesore was parked right beside a Batmobile.  It was an easy decision to make between the two.

Aw yeah, Holtzman!

Earlier in the day, I wondered out loud to The Hubs how many Matt Murdocks/Daredevils we'd see this year. I was not expecting a Jessica Jones or two.

There was no short supply of Ashes and Misties.

Mr. Walter White. I actually asked if he was dressed as Walter White because he was with Star Wars cosplayers and he did look like the fun Dad who was there as a chaperone. If he hadn't pulled out the sunglasses and the baggie of faux meth, then yeah, it would have been awkward.

The Three Fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Their names escape me at the moment, and if I did remember them, I wouldn't know which name belongs to who.

If you don't know who these guys are dressed as, you're not as old as me and you need to watch more 80's movies.

An armored Beymax.

I absolutely wanted NOTHING that this guy was offering!

I love me some Ghost Rider!  Makes me more excited the character is going to be in season 4 of Marvel's Agents of Shield.

Every year, The Hubs always finds a hat with some personal significance.  Um..I forgot what this one's all about, but look at his face.  Reminds me of a previous pic from waaaaay back.

He's really totes fun, honestly.

Unlike the last couple of years, we didn't reserve a hotel room for the night, so I made sure we left London before 5pm.  Ever since our trip to Florence, I haven't been able to walk for hours on end like I use to, even in my trusty Vans.  I'm a teensy bit sorry that we missed the professional cosplay program, but by three-thirty I had already called it quits.    

But check out my Phat Loot!  BTW, that t-shirt in a ladies XL is a bit snug around my Awesome Rack, but it's still a cool shirt so I'm keeping it.  

I didn't want to shell out for the larger posters, opting for the postcard-sized versions instead.  The art for the Game of Thrones prints reminds me a lot of Edward Gorey's crosshatch style.  I bought the Cthulu print for The Hubs.

We did do a lap around the celebrity signing area on the second floor.  Elden Henson, aka The fabulous Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson from Netflix's Daredevil was there, sporting a nice beard which tells me that Season 3 has yet to begin filming.  As much as I wanted to get a signed pic from Mr. Henson, the crowd for him was a bit daunting.  It was neat to see him in real life though!

The former Green Ranger from the 90's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was there, and damn did he have a lot of fans!!!

The actor who played Hodor (RIP, you lovely soul) on Game of Thrones is a lot bigger and taller than I expected! 

I'm sorry I didn't take as many photos as I usually do whenever we go to these conventions, but you can bet your sweet keesters that The Hubs and I will attend next year's LF&CC.  

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