Thursday, August 25, 2016

A bit of maintenance here and there.

I decided to do a little blog-housekeeping today, and noticed that a number of old Waking Up to... posts no longer have their Youtube links.  I don't know if I should go back and edit nearly a year's worth of posts or just say "F&%k it!".  Maybe I should try embedding tracks from Spotify instead.  Let me see if I still remember how to...

...yep.  Hurray for me.

Moving on, I've recently taken the spare bedroom as my new lady!den.  The novelty of having my space in the living room got stale quickly, and I can't stand it whenever The Hubs decides to pop up behind me while I'm on my laptop.  Whenever I remind him of this pet peeve, he shifts to side of me and says, "I'm not standing behind you, I'm standing next to you!".  Ugh, be creepy somewhere else!

So now, instead of being surprised by him peering over my shoulder and catching me on Tumblr reposting pictures of a certain shield-bearing Captain, a hammer-wielding Asgardian, and a brutal machine gun totin' vigilante with a white skull emblazoned on his chest, I can see him coming and promptly change tabs so that he'll think I'm reading swanky home style blogs.
Okay, for reals, yo.  I"m not fooling him.  But, like I mentioned numerous times before, he thinks it's cute, lets me get away with it because I'll never be able to land Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Jon Bernthal in real life.  My Hubs is the greatest good I'll ever get, and I'm more than happy with him.

Three of The Four Seasons mirrors we picked up years ago in Austin, TX hang above.  The sweet guy wrapping them up for us at the vintage store admitted that he was the one who bought Autumn.

The bed we slept on for a good month before our craptastic IKEA bed finally came with our household goods.  Threw on a newly laundered set of sheets and The Hubs's old quilt, which I had to Febreze the hell out of because putting in the wash would tear the fraying pieces off.  Anyways, the sheets underneath are fresh-smelling enough to make the rest of the bed smell inviting.  It serves as a place for The Hubs to throw himself on whenever he pops in uninvited.  My purse lives there as well.

I'm shopping around for cheap desk lamps.  I was never a fan of overhead lighting, just because it doesn't make a room in the evenings feel cozy.  The table lamps we'd brought with us are not voltage compatible.  I'm thinking basic desk lamps for my bedside and lady!den, and a nice, tall floor lamp for the living room.  The Hubs initially claimed that we didn't need a lamp for the living room, but I reminded him of his promise to give me reign over every part of the house that wasn't his office.  And three lamps aren't going to break our banks, especially the ones I'm looking currently looking at online.  

Slowly but surely, this house will really REALLY feel like a home.  And even then, I'll still be moving stuff around.  

Luna, come home!

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