Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekend Scramble: Our couch smells like Ugh.

We finally received our household goods last week, and this house feels a lot less empty. Of course, putting it all together was a buttload of work, especially for The Hubs who, for the third time in our married life, had to reassemble our bed frame. The lamps we had packed are not compatible with voltage here in the UK, so into the garage they go, as well as a couple of other things in various boxes. As spacious as our rented home is, the only closet space we have is in the main bedroom and underneath the stairs. Before the move, The Hubs and I had gotten rid of a lot of things and it has helped us loads but we still had a few boxes of stuff that we currently don't need stacked away in our house's sparse storage space, so into the garage they all go.
Our couch smells like Ugh though. So do the couch pillows. One of my Facebook pals suggested packing dryer sheets with the couch on our next move. I'm gonna have to saturate the whole thing in Febreeze.

One bookshelf to accomodate almost seven boxes of books, MY books. I don't plan on getting a second shelf, so I shelve books behind the ones in front. My to-read books are in two small stacks on the floor.

The Hubs gets to have an office, but I've taken the rest of the house to myself HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I also told him not to interfere with my decor decision-making unless I ask for his opinion or/and we end up having the same idea.

This time around, I get to display my teacups and a few Dunnys!


The table and chairs came with the house. If you remember, we own a plain white IKEA table and two plastic IKEA chairs that I broke one after the other (I used them to get to the hard-to-reach spaces in the closet and in the kitchen!) during our last months back in Colorado Springs.  

We had to be careful with hanging stuff on the walls; the plaster tends to flake off easily, and it really isn't thick enough to support heavier items. I wanted to hang one of our large mirrors about the mantle but The Hubs was afraid that the wall couldn't take the weight. Upstairs, we resorted to propping another one of our mirrors on top of the dresser and keeping it in place with a heavy tin container full of pennies.
We were able to hang a lot of our prints, but the ones that are considered a big ole pain in the ass to hang we just propped them against the wall on the mantle.

Considering how mismatched and crapola our IKEA furniture is (our dresser is falling apart and pushing it with one side against a wall is the only way to keep it together, and The Hubs's faux wood desk has a dent in the middle of its surface from before our move) I'm happy with how everything came together. It's still a work in progress, but the hard stuff's all done.

The only thing missing is Luna. Somewhere out there in the countryside, our fat furrybutt is having an adventure. We really hope she's doing okay; we raised her to be an outdoor cat, and she knows how to hunt (remember her bunny-killing phase in Colorado?) so The Hubs and I are confident that she can take care of herself. I refuse to give up though on her coming home, or coming back to the house of her caretakers whom she'd warmed up to really quickly during her first couple of days with them.

I'm not really keen on putting away her toys either, instead keeping them in a bag in our living room. Just in case.

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