Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Finding Quiet Spaces of Beauty While Looking For Pokemon

Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time wandering the nearby Abbey Gardens in search for Pokemon. Yes, I'm okay admitting to being one of those people. I'm not out to catch them all, but I'd like to catch as many as I can when the location proves fruitful, and man, are the Abbey Gardens loaded with Pokestops.

What I found very interesting is that the Pokestops (where you can collect Pokeballs, potions, revive gems and such) are mostly real landmarks.

I came out to the gardens with the sole intention of loading up on Pokeballs, maybe snagging a Pokemon or two, and trying my luck at one of the gyms. I ended up taking a mundane journey and finding small, tucked-away spaces.

The cathedral, looking very impressive on a semi-cloudy Monday afternoon.

One of the spaces I was talking about.

I love lavender! And there were plenty of bees! There's still hope for this planet as long as there are bees, folks!

Whenever I see roses growing like this, I always think, "I wish my Mom was here, she loves roses!".

The ruins of the Abbey, and a Pokestop.

Another quiet space, the Pilgrim's Herb Garden.


Above an entryway is a 'green man' whose head also serves as a planter.

When you exit out of the herb garden through an archway, you'll find a small parking lot and another space of green complete with more gorgeous roses.

I doubled back from that side of the cathedral and found another separate garden, the Garden of Remembrance.

Back in the herb garden...

...YOU!!! YOU!!! *starts flinging pokeballs at it*

Ehem! So...yeah. The Abbey Gardens are rich with beautiful hidden spaces. I'm happy The Hubs and I chose such a picturesque place to call home for now.

On the walk back to the house, I located two more Pokestops, one of them being this being a old water trough, or so my phone said.
I'll believe it.

YOU!!! YOU!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *pokeballs going flying*

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