Thursday, July 28, 2016

MAC, you are not helping me save money. Not at all.

Fat danggit, MAC.  I was planning on not spending money on any cosmetics for the next year and some months (I stocked up on all my drugstore faves in the last couple of weeks before we moved)  much less high-end cosmetics.  And then you had to come out with a Troll doll themed line, and now I'm conflicted between wanting and needing.  AGAIN.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Only Jon Stewart Can Make Sense of the Trump Candidacy

I'm not a political person, and whatever opinions I do have on the subject I usually only express with friends, otherwiseI tend to keep a lot to myself.  But every so often I watch something that just begs to be shared.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday Afternoon Viewing: Ghostbusters

I really wish it had been funnier, considering the various comic talents involved.  There were (for me) cringe-y bits and silly one-liners that could have been written better, but the parts that were laugh-out-loud funny made up for them.
The Hubs mentioned afterward as we were walking home how the new Ghostbusters are not straight-up female versions of the original cast.  Like, you can't take one of them and say, "Oh, she's the Venkman of the group, and that other gal is the Ray..." and such.  They are all new, with totally different personalities that set them apart from the characters we all know and love from the original films.

The one big takeaway from the movie:  Holtzman.  She is my new spirit animal.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Scramble: Pokemon Go

Yesterday afternoon I noticed the influx of young people wandering up and down my street, and now I know the reason for it. 


And not just the young ones.  A handful of grown, adult friends on Facebook are up in the wee earlier morning hours and outside (!?) looking for Pokemon!  Made me think, 'Really, Queen?'

The Hubs has the game as well, but hasn't expressed much about it other than the occasional, "I just caught a Pokemon out here." or "Hey, there's a Pokemon here in the house."

I'm not big into mobile app games, but I have played Pokemon on the Nintendo DS.  It's loads fun but a tad more high-maintenance than I expected.  I was imagining that Pokemon Go was the same thing, and I really didn't want a go chunk of my time devoted to trying to 'Catch Them All!'  But I did want to see what the big deal was about, so late last night before bed I downloaded the game to my phone, made my character, and promptly caught my first Pokemon, Charmander.  Yes, I caught you once while playing Pokemon XY.  I made you play second banana to my awesome Greninja.
Anywhoo, that was that, and I went to bed.  Then this morning while trudging to the kitchen I looked at my phone and spotted a wild Rattata.  Okay, cool.  I'll catch this one, I thought, and I did.  Then on a whim I decided I would use incense to try and attract other Pokemon to me, since I was in the house and not really actively searching for them.  I did not expect to catch five more Pokemon WHILE MAKING BREAKFAST.  Holy crap.

I'm not quite addicted yet, oh no siree.  But I am quite excited to take this game outside my house and into town, or maybe the Abbey Gardens.  I'll definitely won't be the only adult out there with this game, I assure you.