Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Those English summer days I always read about in novels and see...on 'Midsomer Murders', of all tv shows.

I decided to bite the bullet and make my first big UK purchase: prescription contact lenses purchased online. Three pairs of monthlies for $47 after conversion, not bad. They're not the usual toric lenses for astigmatism I shelled out more than a pretty penny for ($300 plus for 3 pairs that you change out every 3 months) back in 2008-2010, but I'm not exactly in the position to spend that amount of money and to ask The Hubs to buy them for me would be like pulling teeth. All of the teeth. From both our mouths. So yeah, I can definitely afford this newest set without having to ask The Hubs to foot the bill and without having to look forward to drinking porkchops through a straw. That would be gross. And dude, you know I'm gonna use these lenses past their monthly expiration date. I'm only going to wear them when I workout or when I want to look swishy in sunglasses on hot days.

Am back on my Ripped in 30 routine, now that we have internet. The Hubs still prefers to run, and has found a path through the local gardens. He and I walked it last Saturday. It was hot that day, and while parts of the path is shaded and there's a beautiful stretch of green to behold, I was feeling the incline. Did I mention it was hot? Should not have worn jeans that day.

I think I asked The Hubs three times, "Can we turn around now.", and he kept saying, "We're almost there." Like dude, where? But I didn't respond cuz I was already being a brat. Anyhoo, I should trust him more, cuz 'there' was a nice pub with a garden and a cute pond. He'd found the place on one of his runs.

Really, really needed a few cold ones. Tried a pear cider; definitely not like the Angry Orchard ones I'm use to, and I enjoyed it.
That route though.  The Hubs thinks I can run it, but I think he overestimates my stamina.  Just stick me on a treadmill/hamster wheel.

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