Thursday, June 2, 2016

Life with separate bathrooms and Luna MIA

So we're in our new place in Bury St. Edmunds. Our house (we have a house this time!) is nice, if a bit creaky on the 1st floor (it's actually the 2nd floor, but we're in England now, so...yeah.) and while our devices like laptops and my Kindle are A-OK to plug in without need for converter, we've been using MY plug adapter a lot, so we need to get a separate one for kitchen use.

Oh, and we have enough bathrooms here to separately claim as are own. I get the one with the nice tub and view of our street, and The Hubs gets the one in the master bedroom with the tiny but ultra sleek shower stall. He still comes into mine to use my hair products! "Get out of my bathroom! Stop using my stuff!" Heh.  We share the toothpaste and dental floss though.

Our furniture won't arrive for the next couple of weeks though, so The Hubs bought two camp chairs similar to the ones we had in our enclose porch area in Colorado Springs, and we use those for the living room - excuse me, sitting room.  But mostly we just use the dining table here in the kitchen.

Apparently, people here are comfortable with their front window shades/blinds/curtains thrown open for anyone to have a looksy into their home.  Well, quite a lot of them have thin white curtains to provide some sort of privacy.  I don't know how comfortable I am being able to see right into the house across from us and them visa versa.

Pictures will be forthcoming, probably when we get our real internet set up on Monday.  I'm using my smartphone as a hotspot right now to post this, and while The Hubs assures me that we have unlimited data for the first two months I'm gonna play it safe and try not to use it as often as he does.

Oh, and Luna's been AWOL for nearly a week now.  The people who were suppose to be watching her said she escaped their home through an open window.  She was couped up from so long indoors, I think she saw her chance and took it.  They told us that they leave food for her outside and that the bowl is always empty in the morning but she still hasn't returned.  The Hubs and I plan on spending at least half the night in the backyard to lure her back.  She's our baby!  The little brat...

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