Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekend Scramble: Market Days

Almost a week later, and The Hubs and I are tired of living in temporary lodgings. We still feel like we're in transit, living out of our suitcases. We're use to aclimating fast, you know, like in Colorado. Within three days, we'd already found an apartment and all we had to do was unload the u-haul ourselves. Here, we have to wait less than two months for our household goods to arrive, and we won't be moving into a new place until the 27th, and that's only if the property agent working with us can convince the landlord whom he's allegedly chummy with that our cat Luna isn't a terror who's gonna tear the place up.
I'm sure I'll feel less low about things when I actually get back into a workout routine.

Yesterday, we took second day trip to Bury St. Edmunds and happy-happy-joy-joy, it was Market Day! I forget how often they have these a week, but it was a chance to get a feel for our potential new neighborhood.

A lot of fresh fruits and vegetable stands, including household items and clothing, similar to to what you'd find at a farmer's market at Civic Center in downtown SF, but with noticable differences.

There's also a bin entitled, "Postmen's legs" somewhere there, teehee.

For reals yo, this time around I'm going to have a potted plant garden that'll include tomatoes and basil, and I'm going to find them here on Market Days.

Fishmonger truck! Love it. They were selling some type of fresh seafood salad in easy take-away cups, but when I took a look I kinda vomited a little in my mouth because there was squid. Give me anything but squid!!!

Aw yeah, now this is what I'm talking about! Oh, and The Man pleasantly surprised me with his casual use of 'quid' when browsing, like he'd been a local all his life.

Good eats! Lamb samosas nom nom nom...

Explored the town's Medieval Grid, since we didn't have a chance to the other day. They actually conduct walking tours of the area, but The Hubs and I don't really roll like that. We prefer to go rogue a lot.

Here's the St. Edmunds Abbey Gate that leads to the park which posted previously. And kid who has no choice but to put up with her mother's coddling.

Inside St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, which is beside the ruins of the former Abbey and the gardens. How can you not notice the beautiful ceiling above?

Close to the high altar.

This is the upper half of the impressive baptismal font, which is located at the back of the cathedral.

This statue is located near the baptismal font. How one can tell the difference between a Catholic church and Church of Here's an example:

Me: Okay, that's not a statue of a saint. Who is that?
The Hubs: *leans in to read the base* Just some douche from Parliament.

Eheh. I apologize to whoever gets offended by the loose-handed way my spouse spoke of this individual whose likeness is immortalized in marble (I think); I'm sure he very was a nice guy in life.

I think they call this an organ case? Look at the ceiling details, that blue!

I believe this is the tower. So much color.

On the other side of the cathedral is what I believe is the Great Churchyard. Now here's where I was totally within my rights to exclaim, "This is sooooooooooooo M.R. freakin' James!"

The Hubs: Who's that?
Me: Ugh. He was one of Lovecraft's major influences! (The Hubs is a big Lovecraft fan. I'm not.)
The Hubs: Oh.

I suggested that we take a stroll through the headstones; the inscriptions on a majority of them where non-existent thanks to weather and old age. The Hubs wasn't having it. He even pointed out one that looked like the top was ajar. "See? You're going to be literally walking over their graves!" he said. Scaredy-pants.
As we continued on, I pointed out to him two teens walking on a path through the graveyard. "Well...they're just two punks." he remarked, walking away. Whuh?

There's another church on the other side of this churchyard called St. Mary's. Here, Mary Tudor, sister to Henry VIII is buried inside.


And here lies in unpompous manner, Mary Rose Tudor.

That's all I have for now. I'm practicing right-sided driving and I'm really terrified, but The Hubs seems to have gotten the hang of it. Freakin' roundabouts...

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