Friday, May 6, 2016

Moving Blues + last night's movie viewing "Captain America: Civil War"

Note to self:  You're not dead.  You haven't abandoned your lj/blogspot/aspublicasyourecomfortablewith online life.  You've just been really busy preparing for a very important move AND you and The Man have just spent a week visiting family in California.  It was loads fun, by the way.  My younger sister and her partner have a trampoline in their backyard and I spent more time on it than my 3-year-old niece did.  Tried to do roundhouse kicks, which you should never do when you have reached a certain age and don't have a background in martial arts.

Currently, The Man and I are sitting on our back porch while movers are packing up our stuff.  Yep, this latest move is a big deal, not our usual DIY moves where we toss our belongings into the back of a u-haul truck which The Man drives while I follow behind in our vehicle.  This time, there was more paperwork and phonecalls involved.  More than once we considered leaving Luna behind with relatives instead of taking her with us because the sheer amount of work involved was very daunting.  But our LoonLoon is family and we couldn't see ourselves without her so...ugh, we had to drive all the way to the USDA office in New Mexico to get her health certificate endorsed because the Colorado branch is closed for two weeks!  Five hours of mindless driving and constant radio flipping because I forgot the audio cord for my Ipod!
Luna will never know and never appreciate the amount of utter bullcrap we went through in the last couple of days.

Saw Captain America: Civil War last night!!!  Yeah.  I hate seeing SuperFriends fight each other, but while I went into it with a very heavy heart, I came out very satisfied with how it all went down.  I was especially happy that the antagonist wasn't some outlandish or cartoonish super baddie with superpowers or tons of armed henchmen.  And he's definitely not like his comic version either.  He's just a guy fueled by grief and revenge, and the manner in which carries his plan out is straight up brilliant. Daniel Bruhl is an excellent actor.  While our heroes are too busy fighting each other, Bruhl's character patiently and cleverly manipulating the situation, a man with nothing to lose.  Another great character is T'Challa, The Black Panther.  He needs his solo movie now!  I want to see more of Wakanda!  I want to see a team-up between him and The Winter Soldier!  Okay, that is so not a spoiler.  Sheesh, go see the movie now.

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