Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Greetings From...

Gorgeous Suffolk, England!

Seriously, it's damp and humid right now, and I'm sick.  Every part of me is feeling the jetlag, especially my face.  The Man and I had a very long and restful sleep though, here in our temporary lodgings on post, but I'm congested and my throat hates me.  Luna probably hates me as well because our temporary lodgings doesn't accept pets and she has to stay with The Man's newest bff's co-worker.

But we're here in England!  The place where most of my favorite books and movies and tv shows takes place!  Woot!  For the next two years or so, this will be home, sweet home!  And so far, my laptop and phone are still working after plugging them both in to charge, so score.  The Man hasn't killed us yet driving on the left side of the road in our right driver's side rental car.

Pics will be plentiful, I promise.  But for right now, I have to scrounge up something to eat and look through my luggage to check the status on the liquids that traveled with me.  If any of them exploded during the flight, well...I shelled out before hand on ziplock bags, and I think I used every single one of them.

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