Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekend Scramble: Have been binge-watching WAY too much Pokemon.

I'd go see Deadpool, but it's no fun without The Man so I'm gonna be patient. Been hearing good things about it so far. Too bad for the Zoolander sequel though. According to Chris, the lovely dude who cut my hair yesterday, it felt like the movie was just trying too hard. Guess I have to wait a while to see Benny C. be andgrogynous.

Anywhoo, how's the weekend treating everybody? I'm chillin' here with my girls, though I had to take the littlest one to the vet yesterday because whatever had been ailing her back in December has returned with a vengence, poor girl. So while she was getting looked at and having blood tests done, I decided at the last moment to get a long overdue haircut. Originally I was going to get it done at a cheap mall salon recommended by a co-worker, but when I mentioned this to The Man over the phone, he was like, "What's wrong with paying a little more for a nice salon instead of paying $15 for a shitty cut?"
Heh? Was I hearing this right? This from a guy whose wardrobe consists of old Volcom shorts and tshirts, and prefers the affordable scent of Old Spice products over pricey department store cologne. Feeling testy, I told him that I probably couldn't afford a nice 'do considering how much I was gonna pay for Rei's vet care ($250+ including antibiotics). But afterwards the only thing I took away from our conversation was shitty haircut. Sooooo, I ended up making a last-minute appointment at a salon that I had always wanted to go to but could never find the nerve to because it looked really pricey from outside. I've been to places like that in San Francisco, NY, and Austin and had gotten really good cuts but thinking now about how much money I paid at all of them makes me dizzy. And I'm trying to save money for our move this summer.
I lucked out. I ended up paying $45 (that includes tip) for a nice mid-length bob. Beforehand I got a nice scalp massage and Aveda shampoo. Ahhhh, I love the smell of Aveda products!

Still on the 30 Day Shred, but on days when I just can't stand Jillian Michaels's voice, I use Fitness Blender on Youtube or GymBox on Amazon Prime. If you have Prime, the GymBox is free to download, and it has a nice variety of workouts. My favorite is Cardio Kickboxing; it's loads more fun and energetic. Tomorrow I start Lv. 3 of the 30DS, last week and a half if I can stick with it. Seriously, I can't wait for it to be over.

This morning, I chose NOT to put in Jillian Michaels because I was in the mood for some Anne Shirley goodness. I still managed to get in my daily dose of exercise by propping my Kindle Fire up in front of the tv and turning on Youtube's Fitness Blender.

Oh yeah. Pokemon. I'm still sore that Netflix removed the Black & White series and the movies to make way for XY. I love Cilan and Iris, Ash's Unova pals, and I love a lot of the Unova Pokemon, like Snivy and Oshawott. Axew is loads adorable too. So to fill in the loss, I've been marathoning the Diamond & Pearl series on HuluPlus and I find that I like it almost as much as B&W.
To be fair, XY is not horrible. I've played the game and I love seeing Froakie (he was my starter Pokemon and evolved into a badass Greninja later on) in the anime. I'm just a little annoyed that they're trying to pair Ash off with Serena. Thank Glob Ash is too oblivious and too focused on being a Pokemon Master to get a clue.

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