Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Great Lipstick Purge was a slow, cruel thing this time around.

If you're interested, this is how my Student Charlotte turned out:

Pears are great, but I'm gonna stick with peaches the next time around.

Okay, moving on, remember a couple of years back when I posted something about cleaning out my riddonkulous lipstick collection?

The state of things now:

This was slow-going, actually. I would peek into my lipstick box once in a while and pull out a lipstick and think, When was the last time I used this? And then I'd put it on, smile, then chuck it into the trash. More than half of my makeup purchases between late 2011-late 2013 were influenced by makeup vloggers on Youtube, and while some of them turned out to be really good investments (NYX setting sprays and cream blushes, Urban Decay eyeshadows), other things just went unused or ended up being chucked into the trash after only a couple of uses (bottles of foundation by Urban Decay and Revlon, lots of lipglosses and lipsticks). Even websites themed towards helping you save money on beauty stuff helped to fuel my desire to shop more. And you know what makes me face!palm myself hard when I think about it? During that period of giddy consumerism (The Killeen Years) I was making only half of the money I use to back home, and I had been unemployed for those first 6 months after moving to Texas to be with The Hubs.

Fast foward to the here and now. I'm still gradually weeding out my makeup but a lot of what I have now I use regularly, and can probably all fit into a large makeup bag. I still get tempted to buy, since I work at a department store but I leave my credit card at home to keep from following through with my impulses. The only beauty/lifestyle vloggers I religiously follow are Ruth Crilly and Lisa Eldridge. Both gals hail from the UK and are both wonderful in different ways. I still watch Say Tioco's videos but I've been noticing her tendancy to overshare. Maybe I prefer lthose who retain a sensible amount of discretion when it comes to their personal life. I've also developed an aversion towards beautytubers who do 'haul' videos. I can't count how many times I've run out to either Ulta or Walmart after watching videos of women happily showing off their recent beauty buys. And also, some gals come off as obnoxious or show-offy with their bigger-ticket acquisitions.

And you know what else I've noticed with a lot of beauty vloggers? They do a different 'Get Ready with Me!' video every so often, and say about a product, "This is my faaaaaavorite thing ever!". But it's a different product every time! What the fizzity uck?!

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