Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Scramble

It's been awhile since I posted anything long-form and ramble-y, majority of the blame goes to sheer laziness. I've had every opportunity to update but have been distracted by usual fandom shippiness on Tumblr and fanfic-reading. And this little troublemaker has been a handful.

Her name is Rei and she's 13 months old. As we speak, The Hubs is modelling for me his new board shorts with her in the crook of his arm. Sexy. Anywhoo, The Hubs surprised me a month ago by adopting while I was at work. She was fresh out of kitty-quarantine and feeling rather poorly when she was brought home. She preferred to hide in a blanket fort during the day, when Luna, our first child, was indoors. But at night she'd prowl around and explore the apartment. Many weeks later, she's become seriously extroverted and hyper-active, shaking up Luna's once-content, single-child environment and just being a general terror. The Hubs loves it
Our furbabies have been getting along now for the last couple of weeks, though it's an antagonistic kind of relationship.

Lion & Teenager.jpg
The Lion and the Teenager, my mother-in-law called this pic. Both furbabies were too paralyzed with wtf-ery to do anything more than face-off.

Rei enjoys pouncing on poor Luna whenever she tries to hide away under our bedcovers to sleep.

Rei, Destroyer of Soft Paper Goods.

In other news, The Hubs and I are taking another holiday soon, one that definitely requires passports. He's never had one and mine needed to be renewed.

Egh. My passport pic from 2004 is always going to be the best.

I'm going to try to make Sunday updates a regular thing. I hate that I tend to succumb to laziness and brush off even the slightest urge to post things.

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