Monday, June 22, 2015

Denver Comic Con, Day Two

Apologies for the delay.  I was lazy.  And obsessed with fanfic.  Yeah, I knew ya'll would understand.  Anywhoo, onwards to Day Two!

These guys are dorks. 

Right out of the gate, The Hubs and I headed for the half-off graphic novel area.  I scored two Amano illustrated books that I would never pay full price for unless I ordered them off

Buncha Imperial Jerks taunting R2D2 with their swagger.

My first Inspector Gadget cosplayer ever!

The main guy from Assassin's Creed:  Unity.

Royal Asgardian siblings, Angela/Aldrif Odinsdottir and Thor Odinson.

At noon, The Hubs had to work, taking photos for the media group.  I hung out, taking my own pics and cosplay watching.  The funniest thing I saw was a random group of older Asia tourists who had somehow wander into the lobby of the convention center and were happily taking each other's pics with a lot of cosplayers.  They then headed upstairs but I doubt they were able to get into the actual convention floor where you had to show your badge at the entrance.
 Prehistoric Passion.

Wacky Inflatable Tube Man.

Prepare for Trouble...

The Hubs got a better shot of this huge Marvel mashup, plus one of Spidey and Deadpool totally failing at lifting Thor's hammer.

I saw two The Dark Crystal cosplays at the con, but this one is by far the BEST I've ever seen!  

Another winner:  Dragonball Z's Briefs-Vegeta family plus Goku....and some random dude I should have blurred out.

The Hubs swears he got there first, before that dastardly little girl showed up.

And of course, what good is going to a comic con without throwing away an ungodly amount of notreallydisposable income in exchange for toys and stuff.

That  Furiosa print was done on silver paper.  Cool, huh?

Okay, another con done.  Although it did go on for one more day and we had 3-day passes, we agreed that we'd had our fill.  I'm only sad I didn't see the manga booth from last year where I scored the Hetalia manga, and we didn't stay for the cosplay competition because we didn't want to drive back at night.  But it was all good and we had a good time, though The Hubs says he's never going to volunteer again.

The Hubs, after too many Hulk Smash beers.

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