Friday, June 12, 2015

Denver Comic Con 2015, Day One

Yay!  It was that time of year again!  

This time around, The Hubs was a volunteer, his job was to take photos for the media group.

The Big Ole' Blue Bear's keester was everyone's meet up place.

But The Man and me didn't want to suffer the long wait, so we hung out in our hotel across the street and watch some dude in 'fro paint happy little trees.

We waited until the doors opened to head back.  Got my first cosplay pic of the day going in.  
A lone Gumby!  His brain don't look like it's hurtin'.

Ugh, crowds, but honestly not as horrendous as most.  Everyone looked excited to be there.

Inside, we met up with The Hubs's pals and did our first lap.  And I made my first impulse purchase in less than half an hour.
Don't judge me.

Where's your boomstick!

I love these guys!!!  They were so fun and so into it, and people just flocked to them for pics and chocolate gold coins!

One of many Agent Carters I spotted that weekend.  I found gal with her friend at one of the artists' booths buying prints and when I approached her for a picture, she was so excited.  She told me that a lot of people were like, "Ooh, Peggy!" and then just kept walking.  Whuh?  How?  Peggy 'effin' Carter, folks!  

So, The Hubs had told me ahead of time that there was going to be a replica of the Iron Throne at the con, having attended the volunteers' meeting the day before.  I really, really wanted to get a pic with me sitting on it like my sister here some years back when we were at a Home Depot:

"Make the face!" I shouted.

Alas, the line was too long, but I did get a lot of good shots of others on it.
Aww yeah...

Now this is a couple I can get behind!  Turn Westeros in one big Halloween Town!

Best Jack and Sally cosplay EVER.

The one artist I was actually looking for.  Last year, The Hubs bought his beautiful book Cursed Pirate Girl.  Mr. Jeremy Bastian uses ink and a very tiny, fine brush.  I had hoped that he had come out with another book around this time, but it's still early.  He did promise that his next volume of CPG would be out later this year.  In the meantime, I satisfied myself by purchasing one of his gorgeous prints.

Throughout the day, I was hoping to see a few Furiosas on the floor but was disappointed when none could be found.  The movie did just come out a couple of days prior to the Con and the look does require a major sacrifice on the cosplayer's part to get it right (either that or a good fuzzy bald cap).  
And then just who we found, just as we were about to head out...

So thus ends Day One.  We had a dinner at a nearby place called Crave.  Good drinks, good food, and The Empire Strikes Back projected on the wall.

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