Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hawaii, Day Three

Picking up where we last left off, which was on a very windy night on the beach. I did not have a very restful night camping out. I got to share the big tent with my Mom, my sister Evita and her little 2-year old Lia, but they had the air mattress and I settled with a sleeping bag. Not my best idea. I was on Day 2 of my period and my lower back and hips were not having a good time. Three times in the middle of the night, I had to crawl out and make my way to the campground rest rooms! I had to make sure not to step on my Hulk of a brother Jan and his little boy Joey because they were both sleeping at the entrance of the tent.

And then Lia woke up bawling, but hey, I wasn't asleep anywhoo. Maybe she was having a zombie dream. Those run in my family actually.

And where the hell was The Hubs???


Hello, gorgeous. This here is the real face of camping. And oh look, there's The Hubs.
Here's what he told me went on the night before: after Margaret and lil'Jessica left and all us other gals went to bed, The Hubs and My Bros. stayed up drinking into the night. The Hubs then decided that he was going to sleep out on the beach, on top of the baby-fine sand under a freakin' dried up old tree corpse. No blanket, no sleeping roll, just him in his shorts and hoodie. He slept like a baby until around 4 am and settled himself into one of the camping chairs in front of the tents so he could wake up with the sunrise. Instead he woke up an hour later to Jan prodding him and saying, "Hey, what are you doing out here? Get in the tent." And that's where I found him when I woke up.

Ugh, early morning. By the way, my Mom slept in all denim. We all had a go ribbing her about her Canadian Tuxedo.

It was a difficult night's sleep, but look what we got to see!

I love this one.

I have a ton of sunrise pics.

We found out that while we had breakfast things to cook, we had no utensils and pans. So we sat around drinking cowboy coffee.

I found out that Neil is also a big ole nerd like Jan and The Hubs. Earlier that day, he pulled a book out of his bag to read. Well, tried to read. Campire conversation can be soooo distracting. Joey's standing behind him looking creepy.

Margaret and Jessica arrived with McDonalds. I couldn't complain.
My Mom enjoys being a lola.

The menfolk took the boys to go swimming one last time before going home.

Neil took one look at The Hubs's chest rug and asked, "Does that come in a turtleneck?". I was in the tent when I heard him say that, so I yelled, "Put your shirt back on!!!".

Tough night to camp out, but I'd do it again when I'm not entertaining Aunt Flo. I had an awesome time with my family, and The Hubs got to bond with My Bros. When we were on the beach taking pictures of the sunrise and he had walked off a bit, Jan turned to me and said, "I like him. I'm glad you found someone like him, he's a nerd like us."
Welcome to the family, babe!

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