Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hawaii, 4th and Last Day

Boo. Last full day in Hawaii. Well, me and The Hubs's last day; my Mom and my two younger siblings got to stay longer. Double-boo because they had more time to explore the North Shore and other fun places.

My goodness, we Aragon gals gots big ole' faces.

Big Bro Jan left it up to me and The Hubs to decide where to go on the last day, so we opted for a nice family outing to the North Shore. We also visited two ancient landmarks where fabled 'birthing stones' exist, and if you make a small offering of flowers to them you and partner will supposedly conceive.

The only flowers we had on us were the leis that Jan and Margaret's nephews gave us when they picked us up at the airport. They were still alive, though barely hanging onto life. Hope the Powers That Be didn't take offense.

At the first site, I got to choose one of the stones to make my offering at.

Roughly ten minutes after my family and I had arrived, the area was bombarded by a busload of Japanese tourists. Heh. We hung around though because a nice group of conservationists welcomed us into their circle and gave us each a gift of salt and a blessing.

Before we continued onto the second birthing stone site, we made a detour to the Green World Coffee Farm. The coffeeshop/giftshop has loads of cool thingies like t-shirts, mugs, and bags of coffeebeans of every flavor for sale. The Hubs bought four bags of beans to take back with us. Younger Bro Neil surprised me by offering to buy me a t-shirt, "...I haven't seen you in years!" was his reason. Awwww...

The Hubs sneakily picking at the crops.

The second site of birthing stones is actually located on a mountainside.

The Hubs makes his offering.

The Hubs living vicariously through his camera phone. Honestly, we both swore to each other that we weren't going to be 'those people'...

Stopping at a roadside fruitstand on the way to lunch. Definitely the thing to do when visiting the North Shore, but just once. My Mom remarked later that this fruitstand in particular is a tourist trap.

Lunch was at a popular shrimp truck with long lines, but thankfully ordering and pick-up was quick.
I'm not really keen on shrimp but the heavy smell of garlic sauce was irresistable. And my Mom was there to help me un-shell my shrimp for me.

And now onto the good stuff.

Ugh, another line! As we inched towards the counter (half hour wait) we bought more t-shirts and even popped into the trendy surf shop nearby. That's how they get ya!

Anywhoo. Finally! My green tea shaved ice with mochi. Mochi! Izz guuud...

The Hubs thinks so too.

And so does my Mom. See how serious she is about it?

Lia needing her Mama to help her eat her shaved ice treat.

Jan and Margaret's brood sharing theirs. NicNic giving me the creepy face...

And that was our last day! Yeah. I'm sad that we couldn't stay a day longer. Very rare is it that my family and I get to hang out all together like this. Every Christmas holiday since we got married, The Hubs and I have spent it with his family, and I'm always left homesick for my own, especially during moments when I'm thinking to myself, *I love you guys (my in-laws) but ya'll need to relax.* Especially at Christmas dinners.

I sure The Hubs enjoyed himself loads. My Bros are brawy, nerdy, tatted-up alpha males with dorktastic tendencies, and they all got along fabulously.

Oh, and an extra: Margaret was dogsitting her friend's pooch, Clifford. Clifford, the Small Brown Dog. On the first night, on a whim I called for him to follow me up the stairs to the room me and The Hubs slept in. He did, and hopped on to the bed when I motioned him to. And then promptly fell asleep. That's where The Hubs found him when he and My Bros got back that night from setting up the tents on the beach. He didn't notice Clifford until he had undressed to his boxers and when he did he was like, "Hey, a dog!". Clifford refused to lift his head, refuse to move aside, nothing.
Clifford slept in our room every night for the duration of our stay, and I was sad when Margaret's pal came to pick him up the morning of our flight back to the mainland.

I want a Clifford of my own now.

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