Sunday, May 17, 2015

Barr Trail: Totally not that Heinous Incline.

Oh hells no, I'm not doing that again! Nearly a year later, and my body is still not ready!

No, no, no.

The Hubs managed the Manitou Springs Incline on his own a few months ago, when it was still snowy and cold out. Apparently the false summit is an actual thing!
Barr Trail is a long winding path besides the incline, and is less intimidating. This time around I was dressed for the ascent.

While Barr Trail is somewhat easier on the knees and is less soul-sucking (depending on how fit you are or what mood you're in at the beginning) it's still a strenuous hike. Trailing behind The Hubs, I wasn't the happiest camper and I couldn't stop myself from concocting creative ways of tossing his ass off the mountain. And let him know it.

I'm smiling because I want to kill him.

*sigh* I couldn't bring myself to do it. I like his face. And his tush.

Ugh. Let me rethink that.

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