Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hawaii, Day Two

The Saga continues...

I'm the second child in a brood of four. Jan (yes, that's how it's spelled) is our big bro. He will officially be retired from the Air Force in June, but celebrated with a retirement ceremony at Bellows Beach Waimanalo. I only found out the night before that we as a family (except for Margaret, lucky) were going to camp out on the dang beach.

On the drive there the next day, the weather seemed a bit overcast, and it was very very windy. I told my sister Evita that it felt like we were suddenly driving through Jurassic Park because a good 10-15 minutes on the road and the area becomes green and lush.

As we near Bellows Air Force Station, the skies miraculously clear and it's suddenly gorgeous.
We parked a bit far from the recreation center where Jan's ceremony was going to be, so we had to hoof it through 'bungalow row', as I called it. Turns out the area also rents out tiny cottages to visitors.

I wanted The Hubs to spend a lot of time with his nieces and nephews. One time, the oldest boy Tyler accidentally called him 'Mister Will'. It stuck, and I swear Neil called him that more times than the kids called him 'Uncle Will'.

Prior to the actually ceremony, there was a lot of picture-taking and general mucking around. All the kids received leis constructed with candy!

Lil' Jessica and her candy lei.

Lil' Lia saying "cheese".

During the picture session, Jan had to gift his family members with leis. He turned to me first and motioned me forward, and I was all like, "Whut? Ah hells no!", cuz I was the first one.

Neil and The Hubs tried to hide.

Ugh, aren't they cute!?

Jan and Margaret being honored together during the ceremony. I found out that he was regarded by his subordinates as 'The Hulk' of the office because of his imposing stature and intimidating managerial skills. His friends and family are well aware of his dork-tastic tendancies.

Fast forward to the gooder stuff, like a cake with his mug on it. I overheard several of his peeps talking about wanting that piece!

But guess who gets it in the end.


Woot! Bestest sandy-bottomed beach ever! The Hubs looks like he's surveying his new land.

I really couldn't see while I was taking this selfie, I had my glasses off.

Lookit her! She's so cute!

Margaret had single-handedly prepared the food for friends and family, so while she and Jan hung out with their pals, the rest of us set up camp and then frolicked in the water. Towards the shore the waves rolled in hard, so I made The Hubs hold my hand the entire time we were out there, though as we ventured further out, the waves didn't have as much power. Eventually my Mom wanted to have a go, though I had to hold her around her waist because the waves were coming at us like an army of speeding trucks. Twice my Mom demanded that we go back to shore, but everytime I did she'd yell, "Let's do it again!". After her 3rd go, as I was helping her to shore, a wave hit us hard, and while I was able to keep my balance, my Mom stumbled and for a good few minutes she stayed down because the waves kept coming at us. Funniest shit ever. I kept trying to help her up (Oh man, it was a good thing she was laughing the entire time.) but she kept getting turned around by the force of the waves. The Hubs was finally able to help her to her feet, but Heaven help me, I couldn't stop laughing. The Hubs accused me of repeatedly knocking down my own mother.

Urgh, okay, the bathroom situation at this beach was like this: our tents were set directly on the beach, but just a minute-walk away were the restrooms/showers. I'm eternally grateful to whoever's job is it to keep the toilet stalls adequately stocked with toilet paper, because later on that day, Aunt Flo dropped in and stayed for the rest of our trip. Luckily, I was prepared, but I was seriously bummed that I wouldn't be able to go back in the water the next day.
Also within walking distance was a convenience store/laundry mat. Whoohoo! Crap-tastical coffee and ice cream bars!

Sunset selfie. I love how the view is reflected in The Hub's shades!

Eheh. The Hubs is encouraging Neil to use his natural gas to light the grill while Evita looks on.

End of Day Two in Hawaii. Love this beach! Camping out on it, not so much. When I found out that Margaret was going back to the house ("Someone has to let the dogs out.") I tentatively asked if I could come with her. Nope, not happening. It was a family camp-out that I could not escape, no matter how much I love my family. Anywhoo, Day Three will go into details about my lack of beauty sleep, the numerous trips in the dark to the restroom, and The Hubs getting happily drunk and sleeping out on the sand.

Spring has sprung just a wee bit late, with Summer elbowing it's way in.

This is what I'm calling a 'stoopidly' beautiful day.

Was there even a springtime this year? I really don't remember.

I just set up S Health on my phone, and since then have counting my steps throughout the day. Yesterday at work logged in at 6 miles! So after 30 minutes in the workout room, I wanted to get in at least a quick mile around my neighborhood. As of 4pm, it's still this gorgeous outside.

Maybe I can break off a branch and stick it in a vase at home?
No, I didn't do it. *sigh*

I hope my days off are always like this.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Waking Up to Tuesday: "Tell Everybody" by Roisin Murphy

An old fave from back in 2008-2009. I had this on repeat on my Ipod during the 10 months me and The Man were broken up.

Monday, April 20, 2015


RIP Jonathon Crombie, aka Gilbert 'Gil' Blythe from Anne of Green Gables.

Oh, my precious babies. They were one of my favorite OTPs from way back then.

I'm now gonna marathon-watch my Anne dvds and have a good cry.