Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweaty Shut-In Sunday

While The Hubs is out at a Magic:The Gathering tournament (nerd) I'm playing housewife, cleaning, dusting, and trying to salvage the birthday bouquet my sis-in-law sent me on my birthday.

Anywhoo, Post Op Update: Two weeks later, and I have two open holes in the back of my mouth that need routine power-spraying with a oral syringe. I hate to admit it, but there is a theraputic kick I get out of squirting warm saline solution into the empty sockets and watching bits of food flow out. The right bottom socket no longer hurts, so I can stop with the Ibuprofin-a-day, thank God.
I recently found out during a visit to a doctor's office that I lost 3 lbs. while on my post-oral surgery diet! I really didn't get a lot of exercise during the first week, but I did ingest loads of smoothies, instant mash potatoes of every flavor, a dizzying array of soups, tubs of cream cheese and lox, hummus straight out of the container, and yogurt. Maaaaaaybe I was doing something right? I did have rice for the first time in a while a few days ago when The Hubs took me out for sushi. Wasn't totally surprised to find four kernels of rice flow out of the left bottom socket when I irrigated afterwards.

I solemnly swear I will get back on the elliptical tomorrow. The Hubs and I are going on holiday soon, and while I will never have the ideal bikini body while I live and breathe, I do want the only swimsuit I own to fit a lot less tighter than it does now. My food choices are still a bit limited; I still can't have crunchy fried anything, and I still have to drink my veggies everyday. My face is not very attractive when I'm forced to chew with my front teeth.

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