Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Royal Tea (ha ha.) at Glen Eyrie Castle

After a week-long field activity, The Hubs decided to surprise me by taking me out for tea at Glen Eyrie.  He tried to make same-day reservations (cuz he's annoying that way) but he ended up making one for Sunday instead.

Glen Eyrie Castle is a historic Tudor styled mansion located near The Garden of the Gods.  It was built in 1871, remodeled a couple of years after by it's owner, General William Jackson Palmer to resemble an English castle. 

Sunday Royal Tea wasn't until 11:30, so we did some exploring.

The main entrance.

Definitely the ideal location to build a grand mansion in.

The area leading to the side entrance of the mansion.  I bet it looks really grand in warmer weather.

One of the main rooms downstairs.  Would have been perfect for me without the boring-looking clock above the mantle.  I could absolutely tell that The Navigators downplay the Victorian interior splendor of the mansion in favor of a more...restrained(?) kind of decor.  But I do so love grand old homes.

Feeling naughtly, I decided to sneak up to the 2nd floor, where only overnight guests (the mansion currently serves as a religious retreat and conference hall) are allowed.  I do what I want!

Now we're taking!  Up the stairs was a glimmer of hope that I'd find less-than-staid surroundings.

Success!  Look at this chintzy bathroom!  Look at those curtains!

Many of the rooms I peeked into were roped off, but still in general use I believe.

Old fashioned claw foot tub that I would prefer to have a bath - not a shower - in.

Roped-off bedroom I'm calling 'The Round Red Room'.

'The Blue Room', my favorite.  Note the very modern magazines on the dresser in the corner of the photo.

When I came back downstairs from my jaunt, I found The Hubs sitting underneath the portrait of Elsie, one of General Palmer's daughters.  Apparently, the painting is an original John Singer Sargent, but not the original.

Alright then, no more messing about.  Time for tea 

I LOVE the tea room at Glen Eyrie.  The interior reminds me of the macaron boxes from Laduree's.
Ugh, these windows!  Gorgeous.  The Hubs still moans about how these two gals 'stole' what he refers to as 'our table' because one of them admitted to the nice hostess that they did not have a reservation but had some sort of freebie thing for tea that day.  I really didn't care, but The Hubs thinks we were robbed.

Our lovely little table.

The Hubs wanted to sample a pot of blooming tea, and I'm a fan of Earl Grey.

You sit and watch this alien flower pod slowly unfold itself.

To start, we were served the creamiest mushroom soup I ever had.  It was soooo good.  How the hell can I recreate this with a can of Campbell's condensed?  I don't think I can!  Oh Whyyyyyy!!!

Our main course.  Ugh, I'm getting hungry just remembering this plate.  I think I enjoyed the cheese scone with the micro greens on top the best, especially with clotted cream.

Despite the amount of food served that afternoon, The Hubs and I were happily full and satisfied by the end of it.  I'd loved to have tea at Glen Eyrie again, maybe in summer.  I'm glad The Hubs is a fan too. 

Got myself a bag of loose-leaf cream Earl Grey to enjoy on my own.

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