Friday, March 13, 2015

Post-op dental appointment, or where I find out if I can finally have fried chicken or not.

Had my post-op checkup this morning. I had a wee bit of soreness in the lower right socket yesterday and it continued through the morning, so I was happy to get that looked at today. Turns out, because I still had big gaps (remember I had no stitches done), there was a small whitish chunk of something wedged in the right socket. The good dentist man irrigated both sockets, and told me that there wasn't that much debris to wash out other than the already-mentioned. I finally got an honest-to-goodness irrigation syringe (I'd been using a plastic ziplock bag) to use after every meal, and I was also given the go-ahead to eat whatever I'm comfortable with, though I'd shouldn't chew as much with the back molars for now, since the sockets still have a long ways to go before they're completely healed up. So no crispy fried chicken yet. *sad panda face*

Oh, and happy belated Birthday to Me, yay!

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