Saturday, March 7, 2015

My post-wisdom teeth extraction tale continues.

Hn. For some reason, the internet is working a helluva lot faster when I'm away from my desk or dining table. Anywhoo...

Made scrambled eggs with sour cream this morning but didn't finish my potion because I panicked over seeing a small piece of egg lodged in the right bottom socket. I know I wasn't suppose to, but I gently prodded the thing gingerly with the tip of my tongue until it came out, then rinsed with warm water and salt. And then later, I had a spoonful of cold mash taters from last night and I think a bit of crust got into the opposite socket. Ugh. I asked The Hubs if the oral surgeon gave him a plastic syringe that I could use to irrigate my socket with, and he said no. Weird. Let's just hope that I don't develop dry socket.
Okay, so no scrambled egg or oatmeal week, I guess. Just the 3rd day in, and I'm already fed up with the liquid diet. I'd better see some major poundage fall off from this!!!

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