Friday, March 6, 2015

Guess what fun thing I did yesterday.

I had oral surgery yesterday morning. All four of my wisdom teeth were extracted.

Hello! That's a icepack around my face btw. Yeah, it does look like a sock.
Before I was put to sleep, I asked the dental assistant if I could have the wisdom tooth that had the huge cavite. Gross, but morbidly fascinating.
When they administered the sedative, it didn't hit me as fast as I thought it would; I do remember my last conversation to the dental assistant:

D. A. : My name is Christie. You're going to start feeling a funny in a second.
ME: I'm sorry but I'll probably won't remember your name later.
D. A. : That's okay.
ME: Ooh, starting to feel it now.

And that's probably when I konked out.
I vaguely remember waking up and being manhandled onto a wheelchair. In the car, I did manage to wake up a bit to take a selfie and ask (slur) The Hubs a few questions. We had to drive to the Air Force Academy clinic to pick up my meds, and I remember seeing The Hubs leave the car before I konked out again. I woke up some time later to him wiping my mouth and asking, "Did you drool? Looks like drool.". I asked him later what took so long, and it turned out because of some base-wide emergency exercise, the first clinic he went to had to close, so he went to another one and while he was there, he was told that he had to stay in the clinic because of the exercise going on and that he should bring me into the clinic so we could wait it out. The Hubs already been in there for an hour so he told the technician, "Look, my wife is in the car all doped up. I'm not going to drag her in here.".

Anywhoo, got home, changed into my jammies, changed the gauze in my mouth, got into bed and slept upright for hours. When I woke up at 4pm, I found Luna all snuggly-poo beside me and The Hubs standing beside me with a glass of coconut water in one hand and my pain meds in the other. I had been pain-free up until I took my meds, and so when it hit me, I just sunk into the blankets and whimpered. My lower jaw was still numb, but my empty sockets were inflamed like woah! It took a good 20-30 minutes for the meds to kick in.
The Hubs was totally awesome. Best caregiver ever! While I had been asleep, he had gone out to Whole Foods to pick up soup, two protein-packed shakes, and a chocolate mousse for me. The soup was nice and thick, even at room temperature.

It's the second day, and I'm feeling alright. I woke up pain-free and my jaw is no longer numb. I made myself room-temperature oatmeal, but after a few spoonfuls I dumped the bowl out because I noticed the oats were small enough to get stuff in the sockets. Afterwards I brushed my teeth and tongue gingerly and did a gentle salt-water rinse. I'll probably have a yogurt later.
I'm going out to Natural Grocers in a bit to check out their soups and puddings. I'm also need some more greens for smoothies. I'm told that I can have scrambled eggs and yes, oatmeal but I'm scared to death of getting dry socket so I'm gonna tough it out for a week on this liquid diet, then gradually move on to soft food. Wish me a hellava lot of luck.

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