Monday, March 23, 2015

Waking Up to Monday: "Algebra of Darkness" by Harold Budd

This track is as melancholy as the sky outside my window looks. Not bad to listen to while reading.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweaty Shut-In Sunday

While The Hubs is out at a Magic:The Gathering tournament (nerd) I'm playing housewife, cleaning, dusting, and trying to salvage the birthday bouquet my sis-in-law sent me on my birthday.

Anywhoo, Post Op Update: Two weeks later, and I have two open holes in the back of my mouth that need routine power-spraying with a oral syringe. I hate to admit it, but there is a theraputic kick I get out of squirting warm saline solution into the empty sockets and watching bits of food flow out. The right bottom socket no longer hurts, so I can stop with the Ibuprofin-a-day, thank God.
I recently found out during a visit to a doctor's office that I lost 3 lbs. while on my post-oral surgery diet! I really didn't get a lot of exercise during the first week, but I did ingest loads of smoothies, instant mash potatoes of every flavor, a dizzying array of soups, tubs of cream cheese and lox, hummus straight out of the container, and yogurt. Maaaaaaybe I was doing something right? I did have rice for the first time in a while a few days ago when The Hubs took me out for sushi. Wasn't totally surprised to find four kernels of rice flow out of the left bottom socket when I irrigated afterwards.

I solemnly swear I will get back on the elliptical tomorrow. The Hubs and I are going on holiday soon, and while I will never have the ideal bikini body while I live and breathe, I do want the only swimsuit I own to fit a lot less tighter than it does now. My food choices are still a bit limited; I still can't have crunchy fried anything, and I still have to drink my veggies everyday. My face is not very attractive when I'm forced to chew with my front teeth.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Post-op dental appointment, or where I find out if I can finally have fried chicken or not.

Had my post-op checkup this morning. I had a wee bit of soreness in the lower right socket yesterday and it continued through the morning, so I was happy to get that looked at today. Turns out, because I still had big gaps (remember I had no stitches done), there was a small whitish chunk of something wedged in the right socket. The good dentist man irrigated both sockets, and told me that there wasn't that much debris to wash out other than the already-mentioned. I finally got an honest-to-goodness irrigation syringe (I'd been using a plastic ziplock bag) to use after every meal, and I was also given the go-ahead to eat whatever I'm comfortable with, though I'd shouldn't chew as much with the back molars for now, since the sockets still have a long ways to go before they're completely healed up. So no crispy fried chicken yet. *sad panda face*

Oh, and happy belated Birthday to Me, yay!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

My post-wisdom teeth extraction tale continues.

Hn. For some reason, the internet is working a helluva lot faster when I'm away from my desk or dining table. Anywhoo...

Made scrambled eggs with sour cream this morning but didn't finish my potion because I panicked over seeing a small piece of egg lodged in the right bottom socket. I know I wasn't suppose to, but I gently prodded the thing gingerly with the tip of my tongue until it came out, then rinsed with warm water and salt. And then later, I had a spoonful of cold mash taters from last night and I think a bit of crust got into the opposite socket. Ugh. I asked The Hubs if the oral surgeon gave him a plastic syringe that I could use to irrigate my socket with, and he said no. Weird. Let's just hope that I don't develop dry socket.
Okay, so no scrambled egg or oatmeal week, I guess. Just the 3rd day in, and I'm already fed up with the liquid diet. I'd better see some major poundage fall off from this!!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Royal Tea (ha ha.) at Glen Eyrie Castle

After a week-long field activity, The Hubs decided to surprise me by taking me out for tea at Glen Eyrie.  He tried to make same-day reservations (cuz he's annoying that way) but he ended up making one for Sunday instead.