Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The one where I decide to kill my magazine subscription because of reasons. (Miranda Kerr's face)

That's it; I'm gonna let my subscription to BAZAAR magazine die while the love is still slightly room-temperature, When I subscribed last year, I had hoped that the U.S. edition was just as fab as its U.K. counterpart (freakin' 10 buckeroos but totally worth it) but it really hasn't lived up to my expectations. Bummer, considering that BAZAAR is still a hundred times better than VOGUE. Anywhoo, I think I'm done with most beauty mags. I've already trashed all the past issues of ELLE - except for last year's women of the year issue.

From now on, I think I'll just pick up travel mags and other fun publications like EMPIRE and Domino and National Geographic. Heck, even OTAKU USA looks like something I'd want to throw my money at, despite only having 6 issues a year. I miss Newtype USA.

In more personal real life matters, I've been to a lady!doctor and have been instructed to take prenatal vitamins. Yep, The Hubs and I are now actively trying to spawn - I mean, conceive. News at 11.

And now, for now apparent reason, here's a Kids In the Hall sketch.
Mac-Don-Elds. Lol.

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