Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Realizing that I work a lot better at the dinner table.

When we lived in Texas, I had established my 'Lady Den' permanently in our dining area. No matter what loud, distracting tv show The Hubs had on, I still managed to work happily in that corner of our living space. The only time I ever had to move my laptop was before we sat down for meals.
I now have a real desk in our bedroom. I can close the door whenever The Hubs is watching tv, and I don't have to pull out the earbuds if I want to listen to music or watch something on the laptop. I have complete privacy away from little distractions.
But I've found that I'm sortkinda less productive in what should be this ideal environment. I exhaust more time trolling fic sites than I do reading my usual book and lifestyle blogs. Instead of trying to find more creative ways of expressing myself, I'm just whittling away precious computer time feeding my current fandom obsessions (I'm looking at all ya'll, Avengers.), all from the comfort of my desk in the bedroom.

And now here I am, composing this from our current apartment's dining area. It's definitely a lot more spacious than our last one in Killeen, and there's plenty of light and I have a lovely view of the snow falling outside. I'm feeling a lot more productive and brainstorm-y than I have been the last couple of months. The only real distraction here is my cat Luna rubbing her face against mine and trying to sit on the keyboard. *bites her tail nom nom nom...*
I don't get it, but I'm not going to question it. I think I'm just gonna hang here for now.

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