Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Phew! Just glad the shopping holiday is over!

I seriously cannot stop listening to The War On Drugs's album Lost In the Dream, specifically the track 'Disappearing'. Goddamit, the song is so beautiful and melancholy, why haven't I bought it yet?! Oh yeah, cuz I have Spotify and it lets me listening to it whenever the hell I want for free. Still, I need this album plus the band's previous ones for my 3rd gen Ipod which is, surprisingly, still working after all these years. Hn.

Regretting not having done a really extensive Year-In-Review sort of entry, but we're well too into January 2015 for that, and I'm not really prepared as far as image-posting goes. I tried not to make lofty weight loss resolutions, instead deciding to focus more on just staying active and less lethargic. Try to make a baby with The Hubs too. Devote more time and thought to writing in my actual journal. And of course, READ.
According to Goodreads.com, I managed to read 55 books this past year! Wowzers! And so, I've set my reading goal this year to 100 books! Yeah, I'm not going to hit that number. I'm two books into the New Year, and yet Goodreads is telling me that I'm one book behind schedule. Yeesh, lay off! Because I was busy during the holidays, I wasn't able to finish Tove Jansson's The Summer Book before the end of December, despite it being such a slim read. My first official book for 2015 is Last Call by Tim Powers, author of one of my faves, The Stress of Her Regard. Instead of blood-sucking creatures and doomed Romantic poets, we have guns, gangsters, and gambling set in a modern day fantasy. A bit hard to following if you're very fuzzy on poker playing and Tarot cards, but I found that reading the poker playing scenes is the equivalent of standing behind The Hubs and watching him playing poker, kinda like being a back-seat player and trying not to give away his hand with a lousy poker-face.

The Hubs has settled into bed and wants me to type a little less loudly. Yeesh.

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