Thursday, January 1, 2015

Celebrating the New Year with Christmas leftovers!

The Hubs and I missed the ringing in of the new year by a minute because I made him finish The Time of the Doctor with me. Still feeling a bit bad about that, but c'mon. It's one of my favorite Doctor Who specials. Remember how the brief glimpse of Capaldi!Doctor's Eyebrows of Utter Awesomeness sortkinda broke Tumblr?

I wasn't able to do much as far as lj-ing or blogging in the last week because of The Hub's family being in town for the holidays. They rented a fairly nice house close to our neighborhood. The 1950's Rat Pack vibe going on in the place was a nice, distinct touch, but both me and The Hubs declined to spend the night while his family stayed there. It was probably the big bare windows and the feeling of being watched from the outside that spooked me.

We took the kids (I'm afraid Daniel and Jackie, ages 16 and 18, will always be referred to as 'the kids' with us) out
on a few hikes, though I wasn't able to come on a few because of work, but what time we spent with them was loads of fun.
On our first outing together, The Hubs took us out to Palmer Park, where he admitted to getting lost a few times whenever he went out by himself.

Three of our four intrepid heroes.

Our romance novel cover.

We all know how enthusiastic The Hubs is as trail leader, judging from past entries. Me and Jackie had on snow boots that afternoon because we thought we'd be trudging through a bit of snow. Instead, it was a beautiful day out and the ground was dry. My Vans would have sufficed.

Jackie in a moment of despair.

I refused to go further.

Ah, but the view was amazing! And from this height, you could look down and heckle joggers.

And then the next day, the sky dumped a lot of snow on us and no one wanted to do anything for awhile. Two days after Christmas, with the promise of both beer (for his stepdad Mike) and donuts (for the rest of us), The Hubs took us on another hike, this time near Seven Falls.

Finally, a trail where my snow boots were actually needed. The, isn't he just excited? And a wild Jackie.

Ugh, it was all incline. Not as bad as The Incline in Manitou Springs, but it was work. I'm just glad that I wasn't trailing at the back of the pack like a grandma. I manage to keep 2nd place most of the way. The Hub's younger bro Daniel lead the entire time.


As usual, the spectacular views made the trip worth it.
I have a lot of pics with Jackie being the ant against a majestic backdrop.

Gotta jet. The Hubs is asking if I want to go on a hike, but it's stoopidly cold outside. Stop asking!

Happy New Year!!!

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