Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eau de Nerd

Playing around with the samples I bought off of Luckyscent.com and starting to get a royal headache. I'm loving the fun and edgy Etat Libre d'Orange line, and I will probably buy my next fragrance from this website. But not anytime soon, seeing as it's the beginning of the holidays and will have to spend money on other people. Ugh.

Inhaling the scent of coffee beans is suppose to neutralize fragrance, but with no beans on hand and a cup of coffee not really doing the trick, I had to resort to inhaling the newly-empty coffee tin.

Me and The Hubs have been trolling the local comic shops these days. With the Ghostbusters series cancelled (UUUUUUGH!!!) and Watson and Holmes cancelled but possibly returning to it's original online format, I've latched onto a few new indie titles to keep me occupied.

Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Witches

A four-issue series (currently on its third), each featuring a different tale about a witch, as told by this guy:
The StoryTeller 
Remember him?

Each issue is written and illustrated by a different person. So far my personal favorite is #2 The Snow Witch.

WYTCHES by Scott Snyder
I'm desperately waiting on #3 this month. This comic both disturbs and enthralls me, and I'm not a big horror fan but I'm really into this.

Bob's Burgers
Don't judge me! Lookit Tina on the cover!

Superior Iron Man
I have not gotten into the whole AXIS storyline though I'm familiar with the basics of it, and I know that Superior Iron Man stems from that arc. I kinda want to see how Tony's semi-quasi-sortakindamaybe villain-essness (lol) goes down.
Superior Iron Man

And just because...
Life After Logan
I honestly didn't mourn Wolverine. I'm sure he'll be back in a few years. Hey, if they can bring back Nightcrawler...

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