Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reading books and watching Boys.

Aunt Flo is a biatch, but she can afford me a very-much-appreciated extra day-off when she's being especially annoying and embarrassing. Oh well, I'm making up for it later on in the week.

All day yesterday, I did nothing useful around the apartment except vaccum and dust, paying special, loving attention to my bookshelf. And then dozed off while watching a load of anime on HuluPlus.

The Daily Live of High School Boys

Have watched two episodes so far, but only because it's 12 or 13 episodes long and I want to savor each one of them. Seriously hilarious, pokes fun at anime tropes, and the three main characters are the cutest teen dumbasses in a large cast of teen dumbasses.

Screencap courtesy of Google. Poking fun at the usual "Anime kid running late for school with toast hanging out of his mouth" trope with Tadakuni's -the middle kid - two pals running along with him, eating leftovers. The guy on the left (Hidenori) looks like he works at a Brazilian bbq place.

There's LARPING, ghost stories, and other shenanigans adolescent boys tend to get up to when idle. Anime adolescent boys, in this case. Oh, and there are girls in this show too.

Anywhoo, funniest shit ever, and yes, this is an actual still from the show. Don't ask.
Daily Lives of High School Boys_3

And now for something completely different...

I finished off Simon Van Booy's The Secret Lives of People In Love (beautifully written, though I found a handful of the stories really depressing) and have now moved onto Miss Buncle's Book by D.E. Stevenson. I love the used copy that I bought online; an actual Persephone book from the UK, with its simple gray softcover and floral 'end-papers'.
Got rid of another book that has been sitting in The Stack since who-knows-how-long; Kate Morton's The Distant Hours. As much as I enjoyed Morton's other book, The Forgotten Garden, I don't think I can endure another 550+ pages of family drama and the constant back and forth from two different time periods and points of views. And when you can't seem to remember what compelled you to buy a book in the first place, then that's as good as sign as any that you should chuck it into the used book box.

Ever since I finishing M.R. James' Ghost Stories for an Antiquary and its follow-up, I've been having weird dreams. The only one I can still remember had Benedict Cumberbatch in it, and he and I were cosying it up in a hotel room. Unfortunately, we had to share said-hotel room with members of my family! And strangely enough, while it was dream!Cumberbatch in all his beauty, he felt and smelled more like The Hubs. Dunno if that was a good or bad thing.

Leaving you with one of the ending themes of The Daily Lives of High School Boys.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Waking Up to Monday: 'Voltes V' Opening Theme Song

I wake up to this theme EVERY MORNING. That, and The Hubs shaking me even more awake to get me to turn my phone off.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Ugh, the end of summer is near, and I still haven't gotten Bingo on my BOTN summer bingo card. So Fell the Sparrow wasn't published in 2014, apparently. Good ghost story, but the cliched romance novel-iness made me throw up a little in my mouth. I blame myself for not seeing it as one of them paranormal 'bodice-rippers'. Linda Gillard's House of Silence was a better read.

BOTNS Bingo_2014
I've been using the bingo card as a coaster. I've spilled many a hot beverage on it over the last two months.

Cloud Atlas still sits on the night table, untouched since July 6th. My original goal was to read a page or two every night, but ever since I finished Elizabeth Hand's Mortal Love, my reading interests have veered more towards what I've deemed historical fantasy.
Mortal Love
Don't let the title fool you; this is not a romance novel. The story revolves around a mysterious flame-hair woman whose unearthly beauty has the power to both inspire and enslave. The writing is lush and often times dizzingly hypnotic. I had a hard time putting it down, and when I wasn't reading it, I spent a lot of time thinking about the story. I love that my favorite artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Circle figure into the story, and it makes sense that there would be something otherworldly serving as muse to their creativity.

On the heels of Mortal Love, I picked up Tim Power's The Stress of Her Regard. While the other book jumped between the Victorian Era and the present-day, TSOHR takes place (and stays there) in Europe during the early 19th Century. A young doctor by the name of Michael Crawford wakes up after his wedding day to discover his new wife brutally murdered beside him, and everything goes to Hell from there. He knows he is innocent, but something has followed him since the night prior to his wedding, a vampiric creature that now considers itself Crawford's true bride.

The Stress of Her Regard

If you enjoy secret histories of famous historical figures of literature and art, here you go. You have the Romantic Poets of that era; Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and John Keats, all of whom are -in their own way- too familiar with Crawford's dilemma.
Scary in a lot of places, with loads of historical facts interwoven with the supernatural, and characters that are deeply flawed and noble. TSOHR is a dark and dense read, with a lot of supernatural creatures to entice, if you let them. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

And now I'm reading something non-supernatural and mature (Simon Van Booy's Everything Beautiful Began After), and I can't help but feel like something's missing.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Waking Up to Monday: "Cold" by Annie Lennox

really didn't wake up with any song in mind, other than the closing theme of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, which is cute and fun, but tends to grate after a while. And when I say a while, I mean after every five minutes. So I picked a song out of one of my favorite albums.

Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaack!

Just came back last night from a four day trip to New York to visit The Hubs' family. Actually, his older sister Jessica lives there, and his mom and stepdad were there to pick up his younger brother Daniel (who'd just finished a summer film program) and his younger sister Jackie (who'd just returned from a cool trip to Italy!). The two full days we had there went by so fast, but we still managed to see The Met Museum (always a staple) and walk through Central Park. And no matter how many times I ride the NY Subway, I never remember what train goes where. And no matter what I bring to wear, I'll never look as chic and put-together as the local gals who live there. That's just how it goes.

I'll have pictures up soon!