Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Heinous Incline

The Manitou Springs Incline.
And yes, it was my bright idea that The Hubs and I try to ascend it, last Monday morning.

My poor choice of clothing for this endeavor: Vans and jeans.

The walk from our Jeep to the foot of the incline was its own workout, and The Hubs had to take off his shirt ("What are you doing?!") before we could get started. We only had one bottle of water between us.

We were determined to keep a nice slow pace up the incline, but it's no surprise to anyone how easily winded I get doing anything. I'm proud of how I managed to not turn bitchy and complain-y pants (it was my idea anyway) when both my thighs and my left knee quickly started to ache. There were plenty of other people climbing the path with us at the same exact slow pace, but unlike me, they were all in active wear. There were a few times where I almost slipped on the gravel because of my shoddy choice of footwear. The Hubs made me keep to the wooden steps while he trudged without problem on the gravel path in his nice running shoes.

We progressed ever so slowly on the incline, stopping at every other shady spot. Got a really great view around us.

Twice along the way, I got kudos from people for wearing jeans. Yeah right. I was downright miserable and chafing! And being up that high with the sun on the back of my neck..

Made good use of that shirt.

Ugh. That is quite the middle I have...*poke*

When we reached what The Hubs vaguely assumed was the halfway point, we decided to call it a day and make our way back down. Easier said than done. My calves got the workout of their lives. The next day at work, I had the hardest time going up and down the smallest flight of steps. I wince everytime I climb in and out of the car. I need The Hubs to haul me off the couch.

Can't wait for the next time.

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