Friday, June 20, 2014

Too Old to Care

I work all this weekend, so I need poolside time now or else I spend the next two days feeling resentful and hating all the people I see there frolicking.

In my mid-30's and not really caring anymore that everything I eat now goes directly to my tummy and thighs (thank you, levothyroxine medication) and I'll never rock a bikini in public. And that's okay, 'cuz I can definitely rock a modest black one-piece and not give two fucks what the skinny biatches who try to stare me down think as they walk pass my lounge chair. Whatever makes them feel better about themselves.


Took the thickest book from The Stack, Stephanie Kallos' Sing Them Home and read a chapter before putting it to the side and jumping into the frigid water. I had spent two hours earlier doing errands so the temp wasn't so bad. Had fun watching two teenage girls climb hesitantly into the water and yelp in shock.
I had only intended on being out there for an hour but ended up staying for two. Wondering why it's not so busy today, it being Friday and all. I came to the pool for the first time ever this past Tuesday and it was busy, so what gives?

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