Friday, June 6, 2014

Mushi-shi: Zuko-Sho

Oh my stars and garters! I just recently discovered that one of my favorite anime series, Mushishi has a 2nd season and it's currently airing on HuluPlus.

Entitled Mushi-shi: Zuko-Sho, it continues the adventures of Ginko, an white-haired Mushi master or 'mushi-shi' who travels the Japanese countryside encountering various forms of mushi (think organisms like bacteria, amoebas, that sort.) and helping people suffering from mushi-related problems. The anime as a whole is very different; the settings are tranquil and seem like something out of a watercolor, the human characters are drawn very naturally, and the stories are intriguing and sometimes a bit spooky but never scary.
What I love most about Mushishi is it's soundtrack. Like the 1st season, the opening theme is actually an English song, sung by a non-Japanese artist. Ally Kerr's 'The Sore Feet Song' was a fitting track, quiet and beautiful, like the show.

But I think the 2nd season opening theme, Lucy Rose's 'Shiver' is sooooo beautiful. I'm happy that it's available for my repeat listening pleasure on Spotify!

I could listen to this allllllll day.

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