Sunday, May 4, 2014

It was actually hot outside today!!!

I'm not an avid golfer. I'm the one who usually drives the cart. The Dude and his pals back in Fort Hood were the ones who played, often times hilariously inebriated. For them, it wasn't so much the love of the game as it was the golf course shenanigans they got up to. Today, it was just us two on post (USAF Academy's golf course, to be exact) with his hand-me-down golf clubs and a can of lemon-lime Bud Light between us.

We found out when we were already on the driving range that we were required to were collared shirts out on the course, but I'm like, "What are they gonna do, chase us off? We're already here and we've already paid for our bucket of balls."
Everyone around us had on their special golf shoes, their collared shirts and lefty-gloves, their golf bags with the wheelies and kick-stands, etc. And then here comes us, wearing Vans and torn Chucks, forced to carry our ancient-ass clubs in an equally ancient-ass leather golf bag. We're hardcore like that.

The Hubs' is actually a decent golfer. He explained the different clubs to me and how to stand with my legs bent and back straight, although I spent a lot of time trying to get him to lower his voice because we were surrounded by other experienced golfers and it was bad enough that we both stuck out like sore thumbs. As a first-timer, I actually had a lot of fun learning how to swing, especially when I got a couple of good shots across the green.

After a good half hour, we moved onto a small putting green. We shared it with a few other golfers, including a coach and his young nubile teenage student.

Here, The Dude is taking his shot while in the background, the girl's dad (in blue) talks shop with his daughter's golf coach. Apparently, the guy thinks she's serious about the game and he would love for her to be part of his bigger group. Hey, it was hard not to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Me attempting to use my body to swing the putter and gently 'push' the ball along as oppose to just hitting it across. And yes, I'm aware of how much cleavage is appropriate for a family-friendly golf course. I'll be shopping around for some nice polo shirts for the future.

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