Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another book to check off my reading list, and some tummy woes. Again.

One of the times I'm truly grateful for my job's employee attendance credit system: for the 2nd time this month(!?) I've fallen prey to a humiliating bout of tummy upset, but this time I have had to call-out at work not once, but twice this week! But luckily for me, I have earned more than enough attendance credits, and will only be deducted two for the days I've missed. I don't like being 'that person' at work, if you know what I mean.

I finished Doctor Sleep by Stephen King yesterday. Not as holy-crapola-this-is-scary as his early masterpiece The Shining, but I think it holds up well as a sequel. I'm grateful for the lack of graphic gore, but there is one part in the book that scares me, simply because of the lack of detail in it. The antagonists of the book, The True Knot - a group of vampire-like creatures who travel the country in RVs - feed off of 'steam', which is given off by children who possess the shining. In order to purify the steam so it would be more potent, these people torture the child to death. The more painful the death, the more powerful the steam. At one point, the group kidnaps a young preteen boy, and...well, I didn't need a lot of graphic detail, and thankfully Mr. King didn't have to provide a lot of graphic detail. I'm not exactly a parent, but as a gal with nieces and nephews, this shit terrifies me.
Anywhoo, if you're interested in finding out what happened to young Danny Torrance from The Shining, his story picks up in Doctor Sleep many years later. I love that I really cared for a lot of the characters; even the 'villians' were surprisingly human and a wee bit sympathetic. Damn you, Stephen King for giving the evil child-murdering 'steam'-fiends feelings!

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