Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Book Stack of Many Names.

I finished Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden last night! I picked it back up after a two and a half weeks of ignoring it and I couldn't put it down. I even gave myself an excuse to have a hot bath just so I could continue reading it. I tossed the biggest bath bomb I owned into the tub and had a lovely soak while reading. I finished the book sometime around 10pm and felt very satisfied with it, even though the 'twist' was something I had already figured out 150 pages in, only to be thrown off towards the end of the book, AND THEN brought back to my original assumption before the last pages toward the epilogue. Nice.

Now back to The Bookstack of No Hope, my next read is Ruth Rendell's The Water's Lovely. I bought this hardcover waaaaaaaay back when I was still living in San Francisco, so nearly four years ago. The bookstore I bought it from is on the other side of The Academy of Art University's main office building where I first worked for nearly a year and half before moving to the Powell St. campus.
Ooh, I just opened the back cover of the book and found the receipt! Alexander Book Company, 50 2nd St., San Francisco. Googling to see if the store is still there...yes, it is! Wow, $7.99 for hardcover. Score.

I'm now trying not to eyeball the Stack because I have two other books I had bought around the same time from Green Apple Books on Clement St. sitting at the bottom.

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