Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Okay, 65 degrees isn't really that hot...

...but whatever excuse native Colorado peeps need to be poolside...

Today is my day off, so I earlier I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and bask by the pool. Two minutes into reading The Forgotten Garden, I get an onslaught of the allergies. Damn wind and dry weather. Anywhoo, despite this, I enjoy two hours outside with my book and Ipod. The pool is pretty swanky, but I'm not prepared to take a dip with the weather still nippy.

I'm currently down to two books, having finished off Paris Letters and another title, Some Writers Deserve to Starve pretty quickly. Some more of a how-to manual than enjoyable non-fiction, so I'm shelving it for future reference. I enjoyed Paris Letters but it ended too quickly for me. I'm definitely thinking of subscribing to Janet MacLeod's painted letters.

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