Thursday, April 10, 2014

More on reading.

Remember when I posted a new book I began reading, Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden? Well, I've done it again; I read a good few chapters on that first night, haven't picked it back up since. Instead, I began another book one of my lunch breaks, Love Begins in Winter: Five Stories by Simon Van Booy. I just recently discovered the notion of books being 'palate cleansers', thanks to the awesome Books on the Nightstand podcasts. After the last couple of books I've read - all of them from the fantasy/supernatural genre- it's nice to pick up something different, and I'm glad it's this lovely book from Simon Van Booy. His writing is like a quiet flowing stream in your head, refreshing for someone like me who usually prefers her fiction (well, in books. fanfic, however...) to be filled with ghosts, graveyards, perculiar children, or dark family secrets festering in someone's mansion attic.

Because I couldn't stop with just two books, I've also started reading Janice Mcleod's Paris Letters, a sweet piece of non-fiction that serves as more of a small yummy treat than a palate cleanser. I am SOOOO getting my reading on!

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