Friday, April 25, 2014

Not again! The Bad Reader in me has struck again.

Three chapters into Ruth Rendell's The Water's Lovely and I just couldn't stick with it! Argh! *throws book into the box marked for re-sell* I regret nothing.

Really tempted to just grab the other Kate Morton novel, The Distant Hours from the bottom of The Stack, but it's a recent purchase and I'm trying to go through The Stack by date of acquisition.
Trying to, and failing hilariously. I picked up Michael Boccacino's Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling, a book I bought sometime in late 2012, when The Stack was just a small baby pile that consisted of five or six books, and not the ridonkulous 20+ it is now.

"Every night I dreamt of the dead..." Well, isn't that special? Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Book Stack of Many Names.

I finished Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden last night! I picked it back up after a two and a half weeks of ignoring it and I couldn't put it down. I even gave myself an excuse to have a hot bath just so I could continue reading it. I tossed the biggest bath bomb I owned into the tub and had a lovely soak while reading. I finished the book sometime around 10pm and felt very satisfied with it, even though the 'twist' was something I had already figured out 150 pages in, only to be thrown off towards the end of the book, AND THEN brought back to my original assumption before the last pages toward the epilogue. Nice.

Now back to The Bookstack of No Hope, my next read is Ruth Rendell's The Water's Lovely. I bought this hardcover waaaaaaaay back when I was still living in San Francisco, so nearly four years ago. The bookstore I bought it from is on the other side of The Academy of Art University's main office building where I first worked for nearly a year and half before moving to the Powell St. campus.
Ooh, I just opened the back cover of the book and found the receipt! Alexander Book Company, 50 2nd St., San Francisco. Googling to see if the store is still there...yes, it is! Wow, $7.99 for hardcover. Score.

I'm now trying not to eyeball the Stack because I have two other books I had bought around the same time from Green Apple Books on Clement St. sitting at the bottom.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Okay, 65 degrees isn't really that hot...

...but whatever excuse native Colorado peeps need to be poolside...

Today is my day off, so I earlier I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and bask by the pool. Two minutes into reading The Forgotten Garden, I get an onslaught of the allergies. Damn wind and dry weather. Anywhoo, despite this, I enjoy two hours outside with my book and Ipod. The pool is pretty swanky, but I'm not prepared to take a dip with the weather still nippy.

I'm currently down to two books, having finished off Paris Letters and another title, Some Writers Deserve to Starve pretty quickly. Some more of a how-to manual than enjoyable non-fiction, so I'm shelving it for future reference. I enjoyed Paris Letters but it ended too quickly for me. I'm definitely thinking of subscribing to Janet MacLeod's painted letters.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Harold Budd's 'As Long As I Can Hold My Breath - By Night'

To clarify, my life isn't really this melancholy, but when the weather is cloudy and the air a lot colder than I prefer, I say this is the perfect track to leave on repeat!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tuesday Night Viewing Recap: FX's 'Fargo' and 'House'

No, not Hugh Laurie's House MD.
This House, right here.

After the movie, you sit there on the couch pondering what the fizzity-uck you just watched.

Teenage girls getting devoured by a house and all it's household objects...yeah, see if you can shower by yourself after watching this late 70's retro piece of WTF-ery.

Thank goodness for this brain-bleacher!

Hurray, I have something to watch on Tuesday nights!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

More on reading.

Remember when I posted a new book I began reading, Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden? Well, I've done it again; I read a good few chapters on that first night, haven't picked it back up since. Instead, I began another book one of my lunch breaks, Love Begins in Winter: Five Stories by Simon Van Booy. I just recently discovered the notion of books being 'palate cleansers', thanks to the awesome Books on the Nightstand podcasts. After the last couple of books I've read - all of them from the fantasy/supernatural genre- it's nice to pick up something different, and I'm glad it's this lovely book from Simon Van Booy. His writing is like a quiet flowing stream in your head, refreshing for someone like me who usually prefers her fiction (well, in books. fanfic, however...) to be filled with ghosts, graveyards, perculiar children, or dark family secrets festering in someone's mansion attic.

Because I couldn't stop with just two books, I've also started reading Janice Mcleod's Paris Letters, a sweet piece of non-fiction that serves as more of a small yummy treat than a palate cleanser. I am SOOOO getting my reading on!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Waking Up to Tuesday: Persona 4: The Animation, 'The Beauty of Destiny' LIVE

Ugh, I've had two early morning Mondays in a row, waaay too early to remember to post a Waking Up to Monday vid. But today I have the day off. I slept in a bit after a late night of playing (again!) Persona 4.
I swear, I've picked up that game again and again over the last four years and I still haven't gotten to the end!