Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm just here for the fashion show.

I suppose life will still go on if I skip watching the Oscars this year, even though I know Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Benedict Cumberbatch may be presenting at the ceremony. I already feel like I'll be missing out on something and be catching soundbites tomorrow morning, but I just feel like I don't care at the moment. I don't care about who will be wearing whatever designer duds, who will win (my vote is already on 12 Years a Slave sweeping loads of awards and Miyazaki's The Wind Rises picking up Best Animated Feature) whatever award, it's all pomp and pageantry and all that stuff that'll I'll be never be a part of so what the whoo-hah, eh?

I'm gonna marathon-watch anime on HuluPlus and Everest: Beyond the Limit on Netflix instead. And I highly suggest the documentary, The Summit, also on Netflix. It's about the 2008 tragedy on the second highest peak in the world where 11 climbers lost their lives.

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