Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Disney Leftovers!

I came into 2014 swearing that I'd do things differently, like not obsess over gorgeous Brit actors on Tumblr and not invest my entire being in tv shows. It's stoopid!difficult.

Anywhoo, a couple of things:

Slowly showcasing our holiday trip to Disney World. The entire week we were there, the sky was overcast and we got sprinkled on a few times, but it never got seriously rainy.

We had the greatest fortune of having an official tour guide with us during our stay, and he was able to get us around the various parks, give us really interesting info and reveal 'hidden Mickeys' throughout the attractions. He was also able to get us to the front of the lines of EVERYTHING.
Now you know why I said that we were thoroughly spoiled and that I can never go to another amusement park ever again.

Ah, we were kinda punk'd into going to Ariel's Grotto at the Magic Kingdom. We really didn't know what we were walking into when our tour guide led us into the place. I swear I stopped in my tracks the minute I saw her and grumbled, "Oh crap.". But bless her fishy lil' heart, Ariel was really pretty and very nice, and c'mon, lookit' the guys!

I kept as far away from costumed characters as I could, going so far as to decline being in some photos. At one point our tour guide asked me why I didn't want to join in for a pic with the rest of the fam, and I told him, "I'm not a team player.". True fax. I'd rather be holding the camera.

The Hubs always has to look like a Boss.

Or not.
BTW, at Downtown Disney (another park) they have booze stands and you can walk around with your drinks as you shop. Bestest night ever spent was when it was just The Hubs and I shopping for souvenirs while drinking all sorts of non-Disney appropriate beverages.

Here's something random: You CAN keep your shoes dry while going on the log ride in Splash Mountain. Just sit in the back row and keep your feet up.

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