Thursday, December 19, 2013

Can't Sleep!

I went to bed earlier, got woken up by the cat kneading my thigh waaaay later and thought it was 5:50 a.m. only to realize that it was really 11:25 p.m. (lights were off and I didn't have my glasses on). Incredibly difficult to fall back to sleep when The Hubs smacks his lips every 2-3 minutes. I wonder if he's dreaming of food. Or making out. With someone else. Hey, I do it.

So here I sit, watching episodes of Hidamari Sketch on Hulu and suffering from insomnia and an upset tummy. We had dinner at a bbq place called Famous Dave's and I'm guessing it must have been something I ate, so I'm medicating myself with lots and lots of chamomile.

As of the moment, Luna is sitting out on the back porch, being all quiet and weird. We'd been trying to get her to go outside and acclimate herself with her new surroundings ever since we moved in but for the last two weeks the weather and occasional happy dog running around in the yard has kept her inside until now.

The Hubs decided to shell out for a slightly pricier cable+internet package this time around. We get a few more channels in addition to the regular basic line-up, plus all the HBO ones. At first I was over the moon when I found out that we finally have BBC America but the programming seems limited to reruns of Star Trek:The Next Generation and Top Gear. Even movies on HBO seem to be not as varied as I had thought, and I'm thinking that having worked in the video section of an entertainment store for nearly two years has something to do with it. At least we'll be able to watch the latest seasons of Louis CK and Game of Thrones instead of waiting for them to come out on dvd rental.

Ugh, tummy still upset! Damn that chopped pork deliciousness!

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