Monday, November 25, 2013

Austin Wizard World 2013 pt. 1

It's been a bit hectic around here, with the move to Colorado and all. So far the only stuff we've packed are our books and little things. I haven't gotten around to watching last night's The Walking Dead, but judging from the snippets I've seen of last week's episode, it seems like a certain baddie with an eyepatch is behaving...not so badly? What gives, peeps? Eh.

The Dude and I have been in Austin this past weekend for the Austin Wizard World Con, our last hurrah in the fun part of Texas before we leave. I only wish it had been all that I had wanted it to be; the weather hasn't been good to us lately, going from a comfortable 70 degrees to a dramatic low of 34. Will decided that because he felt it was too cold to party on 6th St. that Saturday night, we didn't have to spend the night in Austin, so he canceled the swishy hotel room I had booked two weeks before. I spent the entire Saturday furious at him and pulling this face whenever he did or said anything I deemed stupid and beneath me.

Attractive, yes? Way too early in the day to be this pissy. The line to pick up our wristbands wasn't helping my mood.WW13_line
Okay, it didn't seem that bad at the beginning because it looked single-filed and it moved really fast. The Dude kept making little jokes that I was determined not to respond to or laugh at.
And then confusion started to set in as soon as multiple queues for other things formed.

See Denim Ensemble here? This goober and his kid appeared out of nowhere in front of us in the line. We were originally behind two giggly teens dressed up as Robin and...some other superhero. I turned my back for a second and when I turned back I was suddenly was confronted with this light-washed denim nightmare. I fumed, and Will just brushed it off. I glowered at this guy's back the entire time we were in line.
See that lovely bald spot on the right corner? That's him!

Took us more than 45 minutes to get into the expo area. Soon enough, my phone was down to more than half its battery-power and I had to stow it away in favor of my digital camera. Our adventures for that day will continue in another entry, as soon as I get off my lazy ass and download the pictures. But I will leave you with the damage I had wrought upon my already bleeding wallet.

Notable acquisitions: Magdelena Origins Vol. 2 (I couldn't find Vol. 1!) and Waston and Holmes, issues 4 and 5. I just discovered this brilliant take on our beloved Dynamic Detective Duo yesterday! How did this escape my radar?!

Now this is a modern-day adaptation I can seriously get behind. In this version, Jon Watson is a medical intern who served in Afghanistan and is a single father. Holmes (he isn't even called Sherlock in the comic and Jon doesn't even know his first name yet.) is still a private detective whose digs are at 221B Baker St. in Harlem. And yes, there's a Mrs. Hudson, and she runs a vintage book and vinyl store. Cool.
Watson and Holmes
Watson and Holmes2

C'mon, how can you not feel the amount of swag this partnership exudes?
Watson and Holmes3

Next entry, I'll have the pics from this year's cosplay contest! In the meantime...

I forgot my key.

Waking Up to Monday: GEMS 'Pegasus'

Monday, November 18, 2013

Waking Up to Mondays: Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter 'Recklessly Burning'

*sigh*  I wish I was a more prolific type of blogger.  Less youtube vids, more text!

Anywhoo, I've been reorganizing my cd collection (one of the many things that needed to get done before our move to CO) and purging it of some of the more meh sounds. Generic collection of ambient/chill and lounge sets I've clung to in the last ten years because of sentiment are now going in the trash. When I worked at Anthropologie and the store had upgraded to satellite radio for store music, the old cds went up for grabs and I managed to snag more than a handful of them, though most of them were artists and bands I had never heard of. My stereo's cd player is actually seeing more action now that it has in the last three years.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Waking Up To Monday: Yumeji's Theme from the film, "In the Mood for Love"

Everything is working in slow-mo today; my body, the internet connection...yeesh. I feel like this is the perfect tune to go with the pace.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

Waking Up to Monday: Case 'Missing You'

I was looking at an old mixtape yesterday and found this oldie-but-goodie on it.  Hurrah.  I though I forget the name of the artist.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Snippets of random.

I love how Luna now wants to crawl under the blanket and cuddle next to me in bed. Ah, the end of Daylight Savings!
Oh yeah, and it's cold outside.

Funny story: I had a dream last night where I realized that I was hilariously late for work. When I woke up, I blearily looked at my phone, then the bedside Boba Fett clock on the nightstand and discovered that I had gained an extra hour to just loll in bed. Good times.