Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer-summer-summertime, ooooooooh summertime!

Can't go back to work tomorrow without having had some poolside time, so I slathered myself in sunblock and yanked on my only swimsuit, grabbed my copy of John Bellairs' The Dark Secret of Weatherend and marched myself down to our apartment's pool. The gaggle of children out for summer and their mothers (UGH) have yet to invade, so it was very nice to be there with only one other gal.

There's nothing dorkier than feigning nonchalance on a lounge chair while frying slowly in Texas heat.

I lasted a little under half an hour before I decided to read in the pool instead. Muhhhhhh-ch better.
Later, I did a couple of laps - okay, four because my arms tired out quickly, then packed it up. I can only stand so much sun here in Killeen, TX. Makes me miss the weekends spent at Golden Gate Park, wrapped in a light sweater in cool 50 to mid-60 degree weather.

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